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October 21, 2016

Rats in Giant mart tell us our attitude

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A family of rats made its home in a container of dried chillies in Giant Supermarket in Kuala Terengganu.

In the photographs by shopper Winnie Tan which went viral a few days ago, the rodents are seen nesting inside the stack of dried chillies, deep inside.

She said that there were probably ten rats huddled inside in her posting.

More than 60 kgs of the dried chilli has since been disposed and the supermarket has offered refund to those who bought the chillies between 14 and 17 October. The store closed yesterday to inspect its premises further.

In a media statement issued yesterday, GCH Retail Malaysia Sdn Bhd has assured customers that the management has taken steps to ensure the incident will not happen again.

“We would like to assure our customers that we are taking all necessary corrective actions to prevent history from repeating itself in any of our stores,” stated Giant.

It is likely open today and business is as usual.

Utusan Malaysia reported that Terengganu KPDNKK director Azlan Abd Samat visited the outlet and said that the supermarket will now only sell individually packaged dried chilli.

It is not the first time rats have been found in our supermarkets. In 2014, a shopper found a rat among the broccoli in the Aeon Big in Mid Valley Megamall. When pointed out to the workers, they were nonchalant.

There are many other cases.

Yet, this family of rats in Giant this time takes the cake, albeit spicy.

If this was to happen in a small grocery store, the store would be out of business by now. KPDNKK would probably have sealed it up and taken away their licence.

However, because this is in a big chain of supermarkets, there seems to be less fuss over this by the authorities.

The said Giant outlet closed yesterday for cleaning up, but what irks us customers is the attitude by authorities such as the KPDNKK and the local councils who clamp down hard on the smaller businesses such as the goreng pisang stalls and yet give not a hoot to these big supermarkets and restaurants.

If one visits a number of hypermarkets, not in Kuala Terengganu only, but in many other big cities, one will find hygiene completely lacking, despite thousands of shoppers buying fresh goods from them daily.

One would also have to just look up at the ceilings of these hypermarts to see rodents scurrying across.

This is because the hypermarts and supermarkets know that the authorities would not come down hard on them and they are not bothered. The most they would get is a fine and what is a small fine to one who makes millions?

Where is Jakim, the halal master on this – or should someone send an application to certify the dried chilli and then only will they check?

Malaysians too are to blame. Our tidak apa attitude with cleanliness have increased the rat population in the country and this is a land paved with gold for the rodents. Councils, instead of spending money on cleanliness, to get to the root of the problem, are now spending millions nationwide to trap rats.

There is already a problem with the leptospirosis outbreak and some have succumbed to this.

Do we need a bubonic plague to inform us that the rats are here?

Source : Zakiah Koya@The Heat Malaysia Online


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  1. JAKIM should focus on such issue on food cleanliness, and not on hot dog!

    Comment by Zuan — October 22, 2016 @ 8:22 AM | Reply

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