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October 22, 2016

Bersih attacked own supporter, journalists, Jamal claims

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File photo of Datuk Jamal Md Yunos speaking to the media at the Umno building in Shah Alam, October 5, 2016. ― Picture by Yusof Mat IsaRed Shirts leader Datuk Jamal Md Yunos accused Bersih 2.0 today of assaulting their own supporter in Sabak Bernam and media personnel in Kuala Selangor, even though the victims have blamed his movement for the attacks.

News portal Malaysiakini reported Jamal as claiming that the attacker in Sabak Bernam who kicked a Bersih supporter on a motorbike had impersonated the Red Shirts by wearing a scarlet T-shirt.

“I wish to state that the violence and provocation before this is by Bersih.

“The motorcyclist in yellow who was kicked from the back, (the attacker) was hired by Bersih, to wear the same T-shirt that we wear,” Jamal was quoted saying after a counter-rally against the Bersih convoy in Kapar.

Jamal, who is also an Umno division chief, reportedly said the polls reform group was also behind the assault against journalists covering the Bersih convoy outside a hypermarket in Kuala Selangor last Saturday.

The police are investigating the attack under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation and had arrested three suspects.

Malaysiakini reported that both rallies by the Red Shirts and Bersih at Kapar today ended peacefully.

Source : The Malay Mail Online



  1. Hand over the red shirts ” impersonators ” to the police idiots. Why were they protected in the first place if indeed and as claimed by this scumbag idiot that they were fake red shirts members hired or planted by Bersih to cause chaos. It does not matter what colour of the shirts. As long as those persons intimidate, provoke and threaten any party both the red shirts and Bersih must hand them over to the police. Peaceful assembly and protest are the fundamental rights of every citizens.

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — October 23, 2016 @ 11:42 AM | Reply

  2. This dog is suffering from swine-fever + the BMW has cast a strong spell on it … New species with a culture to spit into the hand of people.

    Comment by Tigeryk — October 23, 2016 @ 10:04 AM | Reply

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