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October 22, 2016

If you can’t look beyond his shorts…

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It is insulting to call others shallow, but there is no better word to describe those without depth of character. Sadly, many in our society are just that.

A local humanitarian, Kuan Chee Heng, has gone out of his way to help the less privileged for the past 14 years. But he was criticised for wearing shorts when delivering aid to a poor family.

The Community Policing Malaysia president gained recognition for his good deeds when a photo of him buying food for a poor family went viral on the social media in June.

The woman, he helped, was left in the lurch by her husband. Her nasi lemak business came to a halt after her car was damaged in an accident. Kuan, who came to know of her plight, not only bought dinner for her family, but also paid their house rent, electricity and water bills.

Kuan has been active in community service, social work and crime-prevention activity. Although he was hailed as ‘Hero Malaya’, he was modest about his contribution to the family and others.

“My sole intention was only to do good deeds, and none other, as well as to remind the community to pay attention to those who need help,” he said.

Kuan, a former policeman, said he did not deserve to be hailed as a hero for what he did, as he was just a “small fry”.

He made the news the same month for “selling” household items for a mere 10 sen to the poor in two community housing projects in Kuala Lumpur. Among the items he donated was a second-hand washing machine.

The 53-year-old businessman gave five pieces of furniture to his “a family which had lost everything in a fire in their flat on June 16.

The do-gooder was chastised after he was photographed wearing shorts when he visited a Muslim family, who he helped. He was condemned for not “respecting Islamic traditions and customs”.

However, a good number of Netizens went to his defence. They encouraged him to carry on with his good deeds. They expressed their appreciation for Kuan, who has tirelessly reached out to the community who are poor and less privileged without expecting anything in return.

“Short pants or long pants, it doesn’t matter. What’s important here is the fact that you have a very good and sincere heart, Abang Kentang,” a comment from one Zai Mizan read, referring Kuan to his nickname that he has gotten from his Facebook profile photo featuring a potato.

“Mr Kuan is not a Muslim but he has always helped our Muslim brothers and sisters. Which is more important? His clothing or his sincerity to immediately service our fellow brethren in need of help?” another comment read.

“Relax. The most important thing here is he only has good intentions to help others. We should emulate him,” said another.

Kuan has apologised for not wearing long pants. “I apologise for a thousand times. I was reprimanded for not respecting Islam because I wore shorts while helping others,” he said.

“I’m disappointed because I was admonished for wearing shorts and I was accused of being disrespectful of Islam when I entered a Muslim’s home. I feel very aggrieved.”

“But I think, even if I’m not a Muslim and I wear shorts, maybe I’m a kafir and murtad, but I feel I am called to help them because Allah has arranged a meeting between me and those who have asked for help.

“I think those people who have received a helping hand from me would be able to discern better if I respect them or not,” he said.

He also explained why he wears shorts when he goes about helping others

“If I were in a position to carry large rice bags, and other heavy necessities, wearing a long pants would make me feel flustered and also limit my movements, which means that I would be less mobile and that would restrict me from helping as many people as I can.”

Kuan was right in saying that the pants shouldn’t be an issue that “makes the poor stay poor, and the hungry stay hungry”.

“You’re the kind of person who likes to find the bad in others, and I dare swear before Allah that people like you – with your condemnation and criticism – fuel my burning passion to help others. You don’t really lend helping hand to others but your role is to inspire me so that I will continue to help more people.

“Wear your long pants and let us help those who are in need, together.

“I hope Allah will open your hearts as Muslims to truly understand and appreciate the true spirit of Islam. Perhaps one day you will receive the true Hidayah (guidance), my friend.”

We can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in others.

Source : The Heat Malaysia Online


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  1. LOL…..as a Cina gui senior citizen in BangangLand, i have failed to understand WHY…WHY…WHY…..there are so MANY Gay-Poh fellows like him .. ??? there are even from certain religious groups doing the SAME Gay-Poh things under the name of CHARITY…to these ketuanan…??? YES… charity starts from home, but when you extend your charity to certain UngrateFOOL race, this is what you get, so WHY…WHY…WHY….. to shame your ownselves… ??? let them have their days, as there are HUGE sum of $$$$ being allocated to their various ketuanan/ bumi departments, MORE than enough for them to be self-helped. Please lah, STOP the Gay-Poh business, OPEN up your eyes, help those who deserved to be help. Who knows maybe certain Arabs may come with another HUGE sum of DERMA, to help these less unfortunate people… ??? agree… ???…. tiu….

    Comment by tiuniamah — October 23, 2016 @ 10:37 AM | Reply

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