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October 30, 2016

MCA: Alternative Budget has no foresight

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Pakatan Harapan’s Alternative Budget has clearly failed to consider several important areas, particularly, education, health care, women and youth development. In planning for the national Budget, Pakatan did not fully consider whether their proposed policies were really operable and sustainable for economic development.

Pakatan’s constant criticism after the Prime Minister had tabled Budget 2017, alleging that the national economy will fall into a crisis and so on are purely alarmist sputtering. These criticisms are aimed at creating a negative outlook against the ruling BN coalition’s governance of the country are inappropriate. On the contrary, Pakatan’s Alternative Budget holds no foresight, its contents are empty.

Pakatan’s Buku Jingga had promised to provide free education to the rakyat. However, whether it is to charge a minimum fee at public universities, all providing free education to all schools in the different states, Pakatan’s Alternative Budget does not mention about any free education policy.

Pakatan’s Alternative Budget also fails to provide a practical implementation of any programme to improve collection of government revenue. Hence, to implement free education in all national schools under Pakatan is simply a fantasy.

DAP is clever at only finding fault at the federal government’s Budget 2017. However, in the Opposition’s Alternative Budget, Pakatan has completed omitted mentioning about developing education in the country, much less utter about how to provide finding in the field of education.

In the present Pakatan Alternative Budget 2017, there is absolutely no mention about allocations for vernacular education. One can hardly imagine Pakatan becoming the ruling federal government where the ruling coalition may institutionalise education funding.

Budget 2017 has allocated Allocation of RM600 million to Special Fund for Improvement and Maintenance of 8 types of Schools i.e. RM250 million for national schools (SK), whereas national type Chinese schools, Tamil schools, mission schools, government-funded Sekolah Agama Rakyat, sekolah asrama, registered Sekolah Pondok and MARA junior science colleges each were allocated RM50 million.

Source : Lau Chin Kok@The Heat Malaysia Online


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