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October 31, 2016

Biggest, Tallest: Hall of fame or shame?

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In my book, people mentioned in the ‘Malaysia Book of Records’ could be praised, condemned or ignored.

It is certainly praiseworthy for those who have added value to society, and those who performed ‘syiok sendiri’ feats that did no good or harm to others are ignored and soon forgotten.

Sadly, many entries of late have not only riled Malaysians, they have also succeeded in making our country a laughing stock in the international community.

In March, 3,900 opened umbrellas were used to form a heart symbol on the field of a public university in Penang. The ‘artwork’ earned a spot in the ‘Malaysia Book of Records’.

The umbrellas were sponsored by a life insurance company and meant for distribution to the students to protect them from the hot weather conditions.

The red and white umbrellas were pretty but not designed to counter the penetrative heat of the sun. A silver reflective coating is needed for heat protection, and harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR) minimised with UVR-filter coating.

It was amazing that the sponsor and students could be so ignorant, but they were not alone. Many other public and private tertiary institutions have also entered this records book.

It only goes to show that undergraduates of these institutions were bankrupt of ideas. They seemed more interested in activities meant for preschool children than engaged in critical thinking.

After graduation, they entered the labour market but many remained unemployed for months. Later, some became highly successful in their careers, businesses or politics.

Last Friday, it was reported that 15 cooks spent 18 hours to prepare Sarawak laksa using 100kg of laksa paste, 225kg of rice noodles, 90kg of prawns, 1,008 eggs, 90kg of bean sprouts, and 80kg of chicken.

It was enough to fill 1,500 bowls but alas, all had to be thrown away as it was unhealthy for human consumption.

The gimmick was only to make it into the ‘Malaysia Book of Records’ and the contents of the custom-made giant bowl measuring 1.3m deep and 3.1m wide had been exposed and spoiled.

It was comical to see the photograph of six VIPs using two giant chopsticks to lift the noodles. Instead of promoting Sarawak laksa, they have done the exact opposite.

Adults are supposed to teach children not to play with food. But then again, many adults are no more than overgrown children.
The Plaza Merdeka Shopping Centre could have easily sponsored a cooking contest and participants are to bring their wares and ingredients to cook at the mall.

The freshly cooked Sarawak laksa could then be sold to the public for a token RM1 per bowl, with the rest subsidised by the mall.

Allowing customers to pick the best Sarawak laksa by vote would go a long way to promote the dish and the hawker or restaurant.

Had that been done, it would have entered the hall of fame in the ‘Malaysia Book of Records’.

Source : Y S Chan@The Heat Malaysia Online



  1. Was only a publicity stunt to draw more crowd to patronise the mall. Now that it has backfired and failed miserably at attaining the people’s praise!

    Comment by Brian — November 4, 2016 @ 2:17 AM | Reply

  2. 1MDB should enter the Guiness World’s Record for being the biggest financial scandal engineered by the head of the country or MO1.

    Comment by Simon Abbey — November 1, 2016 @ 7:00 PM | Reply

  3. Wasteful biggest laksa in Sarawak to Syiok sendiri record instead of feeding the poor.

    Comment by Aifa — November 1, 2016 @ 8:20 AM | Reply

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