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October 31, 2016

Will Bersih speak up, please?

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Who should be allowed to speak for Bersih, in their attempt to drum up support for the pending rally come November 19?

With the rally being less than a month away, the drums are being beaten to hail support for it, as its detractors too try to drum up support to chase away the yellow T-shirt supporters. Yet, one is a bit blur on what Bersih stands for, unless one refers to Bersih flyers.

All that one hears on the media is Bersih and Red Shirts, and one may even wonder if it is a football match that is going to take place.

The main group physically against Bersih, the Red Shirts, led by Datuk Jamal Yunos, has said it has gathered 300,000 to go against the Bersih 5 rally.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties, which have long insisted that they are not the organisers, but its main supporters, are also drumming up support for Bersih.

However, at times, Bersih organisers would do well to tell politicians to just be supporters and not come out with statements which do not depict what the rally is about.

While the supporters of Red Shirts, like ministers Khairy Jamaluddin and Datuk Nur Jazlan, says the most illogical things about “Red Shirts being okay, but not Bersih” and “Red Shirts will stop if Bersih will”, Bersih organisers would do well to remind people what it stands for.

At present, the main reason for Bersih is being drowned by all the shouting against Red Shirts and the arrests of Bersih organisers.

Bersih chief Maria Chin was arrested for distributing flyers, but what she should be doing is not distributing flyers, for that should be done by Bersih supporters.

Yet, she is out there doing it, and it seems many of those who have never attended Bersih rallies, are at a loss as to what Bersih stands for.

Maria, as the main person representing Bersih, needs to speak up and be heard. She needs to shoot it to the skies, if that is what it takes, on what Bersih stands for.

If she does not do that, politicians will step in and opposition politicians, for now, have not stepped in, but soon, they will, for politicians are meant to do that – be opportunists.

While some may say why not opposition politicians speak up for Bersih, one must understand the concept of a civil rights movement.

It is not about supporting any political side, but for righting the wrongs that is being done to the people.

So, Maria, get back on the podium, and let us know what exactly Bersih stands for, even if you have to beg to be interviewed by the media and tweet thousands of tweets.

Bersih’s original demands are for clean elections, a clean government, saving the economy and the right to protest.

Source : Zakiah Koya@The Heat Malaysia Online


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