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November 2, 2016

Make sure it’s not misinformation

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Umno Information Bureau plans to hold a mini convention to strengthen the party machinery across the country to face the next general election. This will serve as a prelude to the 2016 Umno General Assembly next month.

The party’s information bureau chief, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, said the mini convention would introduce the bureau’s new modus operandi to provide greater understanding to the people on matters concerning the party and the government.

“We are aware that that we are facing the politics of hate and some people had even attempted to bring down our president (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) by getting the interference of various quarters, locally and abroad.

“Umno machinery will take into account all of this factors in our preparation. That is the challenge that we are facing today and we will not be complacent,” he said yesterday.

Annuar said all Umno members must also continue to strive to strengthen the party to face today’s ever-challenging political scenario.

This is all well and fine. The party should ensure that its members are well-informed of the challenges it faces, and not mislead the members with imaginary enemies, irrelevant probabilities or preposterous scenarios.

There have been senior Umno leaders indulging in chest-beating acts and declaring that they are ready to go to war over race, religion and the country’s leaders.

National laureate A. Samad Said has spoken against this, saying the most dominant race and the official religion of the country are not under threat.

“All of Malaysia’s past and present prime ministers, deputy prime ministers and even the home ministers have been Malays,” Samad was quoted at a forum, “Are Malays and Islam under threat?”

“Look at the police and the military, Malays make up the majority, including all the high-ranking positions. So why are Malays and Islam under threat?

“The question of Malays and Islam coming under threat only pops up during general elections and Umno general assemblies,” Samad said.

So when Umno’s mini convention takes place, the party should ensure that such misconceptions are corrected.

At the same time, the party ought to rein in the Red Shirts who are linked to the party. Nobody is above the law and the Red Shirts should not be allowed to run wild and disregard law and order.

Umno has to dissociate itself from the actions of the Red Shirts. Otherwise, the most dominant political party in the country would be seen as condoning the violence perpetuated by the group, if not party to it.

Source : The Heat Malaysia Online


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