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November 4, 2016

Desperate Najib Intensifies Use Of Violence: Red-Shirts Deployed To Dr M’s Office On Hearing Of Ngos Meeting To Discuss Najib’s Ouster

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Some 50 red-shirts gathered in front of the Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya after hearing several NGOs were having a meeting here today.

The meeting, the red-shirts claimed, was purportedly to discuss ways to hasten the toppling of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

But Bersatu council member Abu Bakar Yahya, when meeting the group which was denied entry into the premises, denied that that was the case.

Instead, Abu Bakar said the meeting today was for Bersatu volunteers from Kelantan and Terengganu.

“I don’t know how it went viral,” he said, on the message detailing the purported agenda of the meeting.

Abu Bakar, who said that he was friends with the red-shirts, believed that it was all just a misunderstanding.

“It’s fortunate that this was settled amicably.

“(Red-shirts leader) Jamal (Md Yunos) is an old friend, he understands. I understand him, he understand me,” said the former Selangor Perkasa chief.

Jamal, however, was not present at today’s gathering.

His supporters, on the other hand, said that their backing off from persisting to enter the building after listening to the explanation was proof that they were not gangsters as touted by many.

Source : Malaysiakini



  1. Umno has outsourced to Jamal to stop and disrupt the Bersih5 rally. And the PDRM are working closely with Jamal on this. Jamal, Umno and PDRM have tried their tricks to discourage Bersih5 with their disturbance at the Bersih5 rally roadshows, Umno youth threatening to team up with the red shirts to do a counter rally on the same day, the police declaring that Bersih5 have not applied for a permit but yet Bersih5 stays focussed. With support from Mahathir too, Bersih5 will deliver their message loud and clear.

    Comment by Mustafi — November 5, 2016 @ 7:23 PM | Reply

  2. lol….. KARMA… KARMA …KARMA …..

    Comment by tiuniamah — November 5, 2016 @ 10:01 AM | Reply

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