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November 6, 2016

‘The govt does not sack its employees’

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Some teachers molest students and others racially discriminate against innocent children; some civil servants steal public money and others are dead wood at their jobs; some law enforcement officers commit crimes which it is their job to prevent, and the public is left wondering why the government still loves them.

Yet the same government talks of “nation building”. What kind of nation do these people help to build?

IDEAS (Institute for Democracy And Economic Affairs) held a one-day conference on “Nation Building, Unity and the Malaysian Dream: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, at the Institut Integriti Malaysia in Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur on Sept 16, 2015.

Some participants raised the issue of racist teachers who are creating disunity by ordering non-Muslim children to have meals in the wash rooms during Ramadan; who tell non-Muslim children they can drink their own urine if the school canteens are closed during the fasting month; who are quick to order non-Malay children to “balik India/balik Cina”; who force Orang Asli children to read the Arabic script and slap them if they can’t.

During the last session titled “The Malaysian Dream: Prospects for the Future”, a member from the floor pointed out that the Malaysian Dream of a united,  developed country would come to naught if racism was not stamped out by taking tough measures.

Racist teachers were doing tremendous damage to efforts of building bridges between the multiracial population as they were turning innocent children, among whom would be future leaders of the country, into racists.

Datuk Seri Idris Jala, CEO of PEMANDU, a speaker on this panel, was asked why such teachers should not sacked. The reply was a firm and curt “the government does not sack its employees”.

This reply speaks volumes and volumes of the state of our civil servants – their inefficiency, corruption, lackadaisical attitude, “ketuanan”ness, immorality, etc.

Contrast this with the case of part-time religious teacher Qatrun Nada Mohd Latfi, who attended a talk given by the opposition in 2012 and was summarily dismissed.

What Idris Jala seems to be saying is that public servants are the government’s fixed deposit in its voter bank. This would also explain the bloated civil service. Be loyal and vote for the BN, and the government will protect you.

It is not that there are no rules or regulations for taking action against child-molester teachers and other crime committing civil servants. Chapter D of the General Orders is on disciplinary action against government servants. If their actions are criminal, there are specific laws to deal with them, e.g. the Penal Code.

One can therefore surmise that the one and only reason for being lenient with these anti-national civil servants is that there is no political will to be tough with them for fear of losing some votes. You see, by ‘excusing’ criminals, the government is buying their ‘loyalty’. Remember the famous “I help you, you help me”?

So concerned people can go on calling for ‘tougher’ action until the cows come home, or as a Malay saying goes “sahingga kucing bertanduk”, but nothing will change under the present government.

Source : Ravinder Singh@The Heat Malaysia Online



  1. If a teacher rape one of his students he can always marry her to get away from being sacked or punished….and that is pure stupidity!! No wonder gov’t servants can commit any crime they are capable of and get away with it because the govt say its ok they will not lose their job even how despicable the crime they committed as long as they do not openly show support for the opposition? Thats crazy….

    Comment by Brian — November 7, 2016 @ 12:47 AM | Reply

    • That is why the civil service is an iron rice bowl. Poor performers even get bonuses.

      Comment by Mustafi — November 7, 2016 @ 9:21 AM | Reply

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