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November 9, 2016

DAP rep’s ignorant on China-M’sia ties

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It is shameful that DAP Sekinchan state Assemblyman Ng Suee Lim had tarnished Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak successful state visit to China as “selling out the country” or “supporting Communism” during the Selangor state Assembly sitting whilst debating on Budget 2017 on 7 November 2016.

Ever since Malaysia, the first country in ASEAN to have established diplomatic ties with China 42 years ago in 1974, statesmen from both nations have held many dialogues and co-operation to enhance our bilateral relations in economy and trade, and have reached a number of important achievements.

In addition to China, Malaysia had earlier established diplomatic relations with the United States of America besides harnessing co-operation in economy and trade. This proves that our government encourages international co-operation, grounded on national interests.

Moreover, China’s contemporary leaders have undertaken a major overhaul in its domestic reforms by opening up their nation to the outside world, leading to China experiencing rapid growth rise in recent decades. This has resulted in countries throughout the globe competing for co-operation with China.

Ng Suee Lim’s remarks also highlights his regressive mindset. It is incredulous that an elected representative from the nation’s richest state possesses such shallow thinking, as if he has stagnated in the Stone Ages, and fails to comprehend the concept of modern international relations.

How can shaking hands with dignitaries from China be misinterpreted as supporting Communist ideology? This is below kindergarten level mentality.

When Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib shook hands with China President HE Xi Jinping, this is a G-to-G (ie government-to-government) handshake of co-operation, rather than party-to-party. Equating the handshake as a so-called collaboration between UMNO and the Communist Party of China and support for communism onec again proves DAP’s ignorance, as well as its inertia to create the politics of hatred and distortion.

If DAP insists on sticking to Ng Suee Lim’s statement, I challenge the Pakatan-helmed Selangor state government, to abolish and terminate any form of co-operation it has with China and prohibit any form of contact with the Chinese government.

From time immemorial to the present day, the Chinese government has always extended its hand in friendship, convened talks on economic and trade co-operation, with any country – whether it is a democratically elected government or a socialist state or a communist state.

In today’s modern era where the world’s economic corridors have opened, economic and trade ties do not automatically translate to “selling out” the nation politically. As a politician, Ng Suee Lim has no consciousness, and has completely wasted his time in politics.

The Prime Minister’s visit to China saw a total of RM143.6 billion business MoUs signed which includes infrastructural development in China. But this does not mean that Malaysia is taking assets away from China. However, the Opposition would regard such a move a treacherous. It is regrettable that the Opposition has plunged into a state of frenzy inciting hatred against the BN federal  government, and completely disavowing the nation’s future development. MCA calls on wise voters to think carefully about the elections in the future, whether they want a BN government which can bring economic development to Malaysia, or foreign direct investment to the different states like Penang.

MCA fails to understand how DAP can cook up such a theory of “selling out the nation” when in the past, Malaysian leaders have established relations with economic powers such as the United States of America, Russia and Japan and signed all forms of trade and economic co-operation. Strangely, why were such trade co-operations in past not considered as “selling out”? The rakyat is tired of DAP’s conspiracy theories. It is time that DAP started to behave apolitically.

Source : Chong Sin Woon@The Heat Malaysia Online


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