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November 9, 2016

For IGP & AG, The Day Of Reckoning Will Burn Hotter Than Hell

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1MDB Trial : Tiga Kerani Isi Borang Saja Boleh Sapu RM115 Juta Duit 1MDB, ED of 1MDB Named In Court, Our AG Says No Case, Twitter Korek H_dung

The 1MDB related trial resumed in Singapore yesterday. The name of the Executive Director of 1MDB Terence Geh has been implicated.

Yet our AG says ‘No case’.   The Twitter guy is in korek h_dung mode.

Three “clerical level” guys alone have made a total of  RM115 million, money stolen from 1MDB.

Yeo Jia Wei, Jho Low’s clerical staff sapu RM78 million. 

Kevin Swampillai, another ‘tolong isi borang’ character made RM21 million.

Yesterday’s court in Singapore heard that Goh Sze Wei who helped set up companies and accounts made RM16 million.

That tallies up to RM115 million stolen from 1MDB and its subsidiaries.

This is from The Edge here

  • Witness Goh earned US$4 mil for intermediary role, court heard today
  • S’PORE (Nov 7): Samuel Goh Sze-Wei, received US$4m for role of intermediary.
  • structures created with Yeo, siphoned money from Brazen Sky, sub of 1MDB
  • Yeo prepared share transfer for Goh to pass to banks that made transfers
  • Goh travelled to Melbourne to meet fund manager  Avestra
  • at Melbourne meeting, met Terence Geh, executive director of finance at 1MDB. 
  • next witness Pinto Jose Renato Carvalho, of Amicorp. 
  • Yeo asked Carvalho to stay away from Spore and destroy notebook computer

Here is more news from The Edge:

Yeo Jiawei saw lifestyle ‘upgrade’ in 2014, and there are three other ‘fake’ Aabars 

-SPORE (Nov 8): Yeo Jiawei “upgrade  lifestyle” from mid-2014

-after left BSI, work for JoLow, Badawy Al-Husseiny – 2 key players in 1MDB

-Jose Pinto, manager with Amicorp seventh witness in Yeo’s trial 

-Yeo always travelling to Abu Dhabi, flying jets with Jho, sailing on Equanimity 

-Yeo referred derisively to “working level” people. 

-Among them Goh Sze-Wei, who set up shell company to funnel illicit fees 

-Kelvin Ang, paid $3,000 for favourable valuation report. 

-included Terence Geh, executive director of finance at 1MDB
-“higher level” in Yeo’s mind included Low, Husseiny, Eric Tan Kim Loong

-Eric Tan one of Jo Low’s close associates

-owner of bank accounts to divert money from 1MDB

-Many Aabars discovered

-Yeo engaged Amicorp to to set up trusts, offshore entities, bank accounts 

-Pinto also asked to set up accounts for members of Jo Low family and Eric Tan.
-open account for Samoa-incorporated Aabar Investments PJS Limited

-director was Husseiny

-He was arrested earlier this year.

-at least three entities with identical names: 

-Aabar Investments PJS Limited, British Virgin Islands

-Aabar Investments PJS Limited, Seychelles

-Aabar International Investments PJS Limited, BVI

-Husseiny director of these three “Aabars”.

-US DOJ civil complaint Aabar Investments PJS Limited BVI 

-used to divert US$1.367 billion from 1MDB.
– Pinto asked to process US$1.2m for 27 tickets to Manny Pacquiao match

-According to invoices, tickets priced from US$30,000 to US$75,000. 

-prosecution presented ticket price was only US$5,000. 

-Yeo asked Pinto to destroy his laptop, stay away from Singapore. 

– Pinto’s colleague at Amicorp, Mun Enci Aloysius, to take stand this week

My comments : Still no case to investigate kah Mr Twitter and Mr AG? Kerala dan Kelantan tak boleh cooperate lagi ke?

The MACC went to Italy to investigate and completed their file.   

You dont have to go to Italy. Just go down to Singapore.

Plenty halal food in Little India, Geylang etc.




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  1. They may be “spilling the beans…” in the Singapore courthouses but in a parallel universe over here it’s business as usual. They will continue to be supported by the masses with sundry fodder and cash handouts a.k.a. BRIM “to soften the impact of increasing prices”. Reminded me of the refrain made famous by Peter, Paul and Mary “oh when will they ever learn…” but as in many wars, it is the common people that are mostly sacrificed, in modern times it is called “collateral damage”

    Comment by Taosuo — November 10, 2016 @ 8:04 AM | Reply

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