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November 9, 2016

S’gor wants temporary halt to EC’s redelineation exercise

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Ambiga-SreenevasanThe Selangor Government wants to temporarily halt the Election Commission’s (EC) inquiries on its re-delineation exercise.

Ambiga Sreenevasan, the lawyer for the state government, disclosed this after seeing High Court judge Justice Hanipah Farikullah in chambers.

“We have asked for a stay on the EC’s inquiries pending our judicial review application to obtain leave,” she said.

The lawyer explained the judicial review would be academic if the stay was not filed.

Justice Hanipah will hear the stay bid on November 28.

The Selangor Government’s bid to obtain leave to challenge the EC’s redelineation exercise would “be likely heard in January next year”, according to Ambiga.

Selangor mounted the challenge on the proposed redelineation exercise last month.

Briefly, the state government wants to nullify the notice on the proposed redelineation exercise. It claims the exercise violates Article 113(2) and Sections 2(c), 2(d) of the Thirteenth Schedule of the Federal Constitution.

It’s also seeking a declaration that the proposed notice is lacking in details. It will make voters, local authorities or state governments unable to exercise their constitutional rights to make representations, the application claims.

Elsewhere, the Selangor Government wants the court to quash the EC’s notice and order a fresh notice on the proposed exercise.

The EC published an 18 page notice in major newspapers on the proposed redelineation exercise. The EC wants the names of 12 parliamentary seats and 34 state seats in six states to be changed.

Source : FMT Reporters Online


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