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November 9, 2016

Zaid: PPBM’s agenda must be to correct the wrongs of Umno

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zaid umnoThe are many Malays in the country who do not live in the real world, says former Umno minister Zaid Ibrahim.

He said that there is a disconnect with reality for this segment of the population, who even think that corruption is acceptable.

“These Malays accept it because they still cling to the idea that only a Malay leader can defend their interests. Hence, they do not feel sufficiently angry when their leaders are caught stealing,” Zaid wrote today in his blog today.

Calling such thinking part of the wrongs of Umno that had been perpetrated on all Malaysians, particularly the Malays, Zaid added that it is an issue that Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new party must address.

“The Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) agenda must be to correct the wrongs of Umno, and to reorient and re-examine Malay thinking and Malay values.

“It’s for PPBM to tell Malays that the world has changed since the days of Hang Tuah. It’s for PPBM to make Malays a people who have integrity and are willing to defend their ‘maruah’, or honour,” Zaid said.

The former defacto law minister added that PPBM’s top leadership have realised and recognised Umno’s failure as a political movement for the Malays, agreeing with former Umno secretary-general, Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, who has been quoted as saying that the Mahathir-led party would give Umno a good fight.

Zaid said the confusion among these Malays who have been under Umno’s influence has now crept into more serious issues related to religion.

“These Malays feel the need for an ‘Islamic state’ (IS) without knowing what it actually means. They are fearful of DAP but are happy with Chinese from Beijing taking over the country.

“Also, some are attracted to IS ideology and have become more Taliban in their Islamic expressions,” he said.

On the PPBM itself, Zaid expressed his hope that Mahathir, who is chairman, and party president Muhyiddin Yassin succeed in their quest to defeat Umno.

“I believe the majority of Malays feel the same way as I do.

“Will PPBM be able and willing to speak the new language and deliver a new message to Malays? Yes, it can but its critics must be reasonable too.

“Stop lambasting Muhyiddin for saying he was ‘Malay first’,” Zaid said in calling for Malaysians to take such statements “in the proper context” as the former deputy prime minister is now part of the opposition.

Aside from Muhyiddin, Zaid also highlighted the controversial former Election Commission chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

“I ask that you be generous with him (Rashid) too. He was like other heads of public institutions who all played to Umno’s tune for the past 50 years, namely, that only Umno could save the Malays. He did not know any other narrative.

“I know him well, he is from Kelantan. He is a kind man although he is anxious about the future of the Malay people,” Zaid said, admitting that Rashid had made mistakes as he was anxious to please Umno leaders.

Urging opposition supporters to stop being too critical of PPBM and other new parties in the opposition camp, Zaid sais the people must “stop harping and forget about small mistakes”.

“Let’s forge together on the main issues facing the country. If we want to make the push for a new government possible, we must stand together.”

Source : FMT Reporters Online


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