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November 10, 2016

No to segregating ciggies and alcohol

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The suggestion by Parti AManah Negara cum Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud that separate convenience stores should be set up to sell alcohol and tobacco in order to prevent Muslims from being in contact with those items (Malay Mail Online, 9 Nov 2016) is totally impractical, nonsensical and seeks to coerce personal religious values into the public domain.

This suggestion is identical to PAS’ demands which for years have clamoured that sale of alcohol be prohibited, or that Muslims be prevented from serving alcohol. Dr Siti’s proposal indicates that there simply is no difference between Amanah and PAS whereby Amanah is nothing more than old wine in a new bottle (pardon the pun, as the pun is purely coincidental and not intended).

She is completely ignorant that many Muslim jobs will be at stake should her call to set up separate convenience be they the cashiers, cleaners, packers, goods loaders, transport drivers.

Dr Siti’s call is also class centric. Why target convenience stores and not shopping outlets at our international and domestic airports of which the retail duty-free cigarettes and alcohol shops are owned by Bumiputeras.

Likewise, many Muslim flight attendants from not only Malaysian registered airlines but international airlines too will be out of a job if they are to be forbidden from selling or serving duty free alcohol on board. Or will Amanah propose the simple method of denying these flights entry into Malaysian airspace?

What about our breweries and factories? Why not Amanah target those too?

Given her abomination against alcohol, why doesn’t Dr Siti target perfume retailers which contain traces of alcohol or pharmaceutical products like alcohol swabs which are needed for disinfection?

Even worse, the proposal to have separate convenience stores is akin to the racist “White’s only vs Colored” restrooms, entrances or restaurants or public libraries and parks as practised in the south of America up till the late 1960s or when South Africa still practised its apartheid policy.

Considering that the Movida bar in Puchong had been targeted by IS terrorists when an explosive devise detonated there, Dr Siti’s recommendation to segregate convenience stores will hinge on religious lines and thus render non-Muslim retail outlets to be sitting targets for assaults by IS.

Although MPs are given the right of “immunity” to freely speak out in the Dewan Rakyat, Wanita MCA hopes that all our wakil rakyat’s will think properly and rationally before they speak. Please refrain from issuing any “new ideas” which are laughable and will jeopardise Malaysia’s image globally.

Source : Datuk Heng Seai Kie@The Heat Malaysia Online


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