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November 11, 2016

Street protests open doors to liberalism, Muslims warned ahead of Bersih 5

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The Friday sermon prepared by Jakim expressed its concern that more Muslims are joining street protests driven by discontent, allegedly spurred by unnamed parties and uncensored social media statements. — Picture by Choo Choo MayFederal Islamic authorities cautioned Muslims today against street protests that it said would invite liberalism, just a week before the Bersih 5 rally which will be held on November 19.

The Friday sermon prepared by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) expressed its concern that more Muslims are joining street protests driven by discontent, allegedly spurred by unnamed parties and uncensored social media statements.

“Yes, whether we realise or not, therein lies an idea of the liberal democracy ideology that is concealing itself behind the struggle for democracy and fundamental rights,” said the sermon distributed to mosques nationwide.

“The truth is, they wish to install certain individuals who are ready to follow their orders and spread this ideology to make this society more open to accept liberal values.”

Jakim said Islam endorses mass gatherings as part of its worship as a sign of protest against blasphemy and ignorance, but such events must be done with civility.

It also claimed that from a political Islam perspective, Persian theologian and jurist Al-Ghazali has never declared that “street riots” were consistent with Islamic teachings.

Jakim said even Al-Ghazali, who served the vizier Nizam al-Mulk during the times of the Seljuk Empire, did not seek revenge through street demonstrations when the latter was assassinated.

“Therefore, encouraging the public to become extremists is an attitude that is opposed to Islam’s teachings, because Islam puts prosperity and peace as a bigger obligation,” said the sermon.

The sermon also urged Muslims to defend the country’s sovereignty, saying that conflicts will invite the interference of foreign powers.

Liberalism encompasses a wide array of ideas, but its supporters usually push for civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free trade, private property, and free and fair elections.

Jakim regularly demonises liberalism in its Friday sermons, including calling for “jihad” or holy struggle against liberals in March last year.

Deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki also said in November 2015 that the RM724.6 million set aside for Jakim this year was not sufficient to combat “extremist” ideologies, which had included liberalism.

Source : The Malay Mail Online



  1. IDIOTOSPHERE by Siti Kassim

    There are three basic ways to talk to complete idiots.

    The first is to assail them with facts, truths, scientific data, the commonsensical obviousness of it all. You do this in the very reasonable expectation that it will nudge them away from the ledge of their more ridiculous and paranoid misconceptions because, well, they’re facts, after all, and who can dispute those?

    Why, idiots can, that’s who. It is exactly this sort of logical, levelheaded appeal to reason and mental acuity that’s doomed to fail, simply because in the idiotosphere, facts are lies and truth is always dubious, whereas hysteria and alarmism resulting in mysterious undercarriage rashes are the only things to be relied upon.

    This Rule of Idiocy also explains why, when you show these Mullahs the irrefutable facts about, clean and fair election, about human rights which are actually in line with the true Islam, they will likely be hurled back in your face as an obvious piece of liberal propaganda. Go ahead, try it.

    Remember, facts do not matter. Fear of change, fear of the “Other,” fear of the Kafirs, the Jews, the LGBTs, the empowered Muslims, fear that yet another important shift is taking place that they cannot understand and which therefore makes them thrash around like a trapped animal? This is all that matters.

    This is, as you already sense, a dangerous trap, pure intellectual quicksand. It almost never works, and just makes you feel gross and slimy.

    Option two is to try to speak their language, dumb yourself down, engage on the idiot’s level as you try to figure out how their minds work — or more accurately, don’t work — so you can better empathise and find a shred of common ground and maybe, just maybe, inch the human experiment forward.

    And now we come to option three, easily the finest and most successful approach of all. Alas, it also remains the most difficult to pull off. No one is exactly sure why.

    The absolute best way to speak to complete idiots is, of course, not to speak to them at all.

    That is, you work around them, ignore them completely, disregard the rants and the spittle and the misspelled protest signs and the fervent prayers for apocalypse. Complete refusal to take the fringe nutballs even the slightest bit seriously is the only way to make true progress.

    Now, you may argue that, it’s also true that calling people stupid is no way to advance the debate, and is itself rather childish and stupid. And you’d be absolutely right.

    But you’d also be missing the point. When you ignore the idiots completely, you are not calling them anything at all. You are not trying to advance any sort of argument, because there is no debate taking place. You are simply bypassing the giant pothole of ignorance entirely.

    We are not kowtowing to the idiots. We are not trying to give the idiotosphere equal weight in the discussion. We cannot reorganise village life to suit the village idiot. By employing option three, we are doing the only humane thing left to do: we are letting the idiotosphere eat itself alive.

    Comment by almaz — November 13, 2016 @ 8:21 AM | Reply

  2. The Malay community at large and Muslims in this country know that religious and public institutions are controlled by the highly corrupted , incompetent, greedy and hypocrite Umno Baru leaders. Even Jakim repeated lied when preaching to Muslim audiences and helped to disseminate Umno Baru propaganda and lies.

    Comment by Mat Som — November 12, 2016 @ 1:12 AM | Reply

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