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November 12, 2016


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Image result for While Rome Burned, The Mad Emperor Nero Played The FiddleWhile Rome Burned, The Mad Emperor Nero Played The Fiddle .. .

Just a short while ago, the BBC in UK played clip of MO1 doing the cissy jerks. Macam retard betul. Ali Hamsa nampak macam sudah kena dua koleh.

Anyway here is Noose from Singapore.

Yak Yew Chee the other BSI banker who was charged in Court has pleaded guilty.
He has been sentenced to 18 weeks in jail, S$24,000 fine and he will return S$7.5 million.
Return to whom? That is our money.
And get this, in return for the very light sentence, Yak Yew Chee has agreed to “cooperate” with the Prosecution in Singapore.
Yak, subordinate Yvonne Seah charged for forging letters, not reporting on Jo Low
Yak’s colleague Yeo Jiawei, currently on trial
Judge Jennifer Marie sentenced Yak to 18 weeks in jail, S$24,000 fine.
Yak voluntarily disgorge S$7.5 million
and will cooperate with prosecutors
YAK slipped into court quietly before YEO trial finished
Yak has been told he will be safe if he does not leave S’pore.
S’pore now has the first 1MDB conviction and a star witness
he cooperated and got light sentence
They have named the 3 key people of interest
Jho Low, Eric Tan and Husseiny Badawi
Hans Brunner MUST be charged too.
JHO LOW, ERIC TAN and Husseiny will be prosecuted in S’pore
Riza, Eric and Jho will face charges in USA too
Swiss, S’pore and US are interlinking their prosecutions
Swiss AG confirmed working closely with Loretta
My comments : Beware the wrath of December.
Meanwhile, Ringgit Roller Coaster Now At RM4.37 !!


There is something strange going on. Someone is possibly making a billion Dollars profit out of today’s Ringgit roller coaster.

Went to RM4.51 and then down again to RM4.37. Bank Negara better keep an eye open.
This is a serious attack against our economy.

Update : Talk is there is a massive sell off of Malaysian gomen bonds by foeigners. These would be Ringgit bonds where the proceeds of the sell off were converted to other currencies most likely USD. It could be American fund managers taking their money out and back to the US where the Dow has reacted positively to Trumps presidency (18,817 today, up 1.17%).

Source : syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.my


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