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November 15, 2016

Trump copied Malaysian politics

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There you have it. What happened in the presidential elections, was to be expected. Weren’t you once told that a lot of contracts and deals are struck, during a round of golf?

Malaysians are influential on the world stage. President-elect Donald Trump has learnt from our own PM about the specific brand of politics which Malaysia practises. It is amazing what a few rounds of golf can achieve. Trump used it to his advantage and it propelled him to the top.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s slick publicity machine wasted no time muscling in on the earth shattering results of the American presidential elections. Moments after it was clear that Trump would be the 45th American president, the BBC received another piece of breaking news.

A spokesman from Najib’s office revealed that one of Najib’s most treasured possessions is displayed on his desk. It is a photograph of Najib and Trump, playing golf. An inscription said, “To my favourite PM”.

In December 2014, outgoing President Barack Obama played golf with Najib and pestered him to sign the Trans-Pacific-Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Obama wanted to establish his trade legacy.

Poor Najib had no choice, but to listen to him, lest he seemed disrespectful. Najib did this at great personal cost because he was later criticised by his own people, for not rushing home, to deal with the floods in Kelantan.

Trump learnt that despite our modern day apartheid system, we have not been boycotted by the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), or ASEAN.

Some of you complain that Trump was sexist and used coarse language. Don’t forget that our MPs, frequently use such crudity in parliament. At least sexist Umno MPs can claim that they had a hand in influencing Trump.

So what if Trump is surrounded by girls? Don’t some of our MPs, do the same. What they tell us to do, and the naughty tricks that they get up to, are two different things. At least, the Americans are brazen and not two faced, unlike our MPs, who like the electorate to think they are squeaky clean.

Some of you are shocked that Trump wanted to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out. So what? We wanted to build a similar wall, at the Thai-Malaysia border, and in 2012, Najib proposed the building of a political-wall around Putrajaya, to defend it against the Opposition.

You are shocked that Trump comes across as a vile and vindictive character with a racist streak. Why? Why should you be shocked? Our leaders exhibit the same characteristics and yet you elect them in, every five years.

Trump has a low opinion of 50% of the American population, calling them “inferior” and “gropable”. He referred to the blacks as uneducated, lazy and unemployable. This is no different from the message from Umno to the Malays.

The usual messages are that Malays are weak and need protecting and defending, despite making up 60% of the population, being in control of the government, the civil service, armed forces and earning the most scholarships.

Trump regards climate change as a hoax. Our leaders, share the same sentiments. One former Chief Minister hacked away at the tropical hardwood trees, presumably because he did not know the difference between secondary belukar and virgin jungle. Over in Pahang, the leaders think that red bauxite has no detrimental effects on the environment, nor do they acknowledge the unseen radioactive dangers, from the by-products of the Lynas plant.

Why did Brexit happen? Why was Trump successful?

In both Brexit and the presidential election, the people wanted to seize back control of their nation. They wanted their voices to be heard, again. They also proved that there is nothing wrong in being anti-establishment. Those who did not back Brexit or Trump came from the cities.

Trump is not a career politician unlike most of our leaders. His experience has been honed by more than 50 years in business. People are fed up with bureaucrats and career politicians. They want someone whose voice resonates with theirs.

What does your voice say? Are you fed up with corruption, nepotism, cronyism, racism and religious bigotry?

If so, join Bersih, to show that you want clean elections. If you have not registered to vote in GE14, do it now.

Brexit and the US presidential elections, show that the people will triumph, in the end, if they have the courage to fight for themselves, and their country.

Source : Mariam Mokhtar@The Heat Malaysia Online



  1. Watch this.

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump John Lewis Christmas Ad

    Comment by almaz — November 16, 2016 @ 2:57 PM | Reply

  2. The Prime Minister’s Department will receive an allocation of RM15.94 billion in 2017, of which RM4.92 billion is for administration and RM11.01 billion for development.

    This allocation is unnecessarily huge, especially when most other ministries, especially health, education, welfare and internal security, suffer substantial cuts.

    Trump can learn this fromm Najib.

    Comment by munah — November 15, 2016 @ 3:20 PM | Reply

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