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November 17, 2016

The rant for Malaysia, from a Malaysian

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The majority of Malaysians have attended secondary schools. Those who could afford to study further went on to obtain a diploma or degree in one of the many public or private colleges or universities.

But how many were truly educated? It does not mean the learned are educated; likewise the religious may not be holy.

The hallmark of an educated person is showing courtesy, but is grossly lacking at many spheres of our society.

The most glaring example is how we behave on our roads. Apart from inconsiderate motorists, millions of traffic summonses are issued every month throughout the country, with Kuala Lumpur City Hall alone accounting for a million.

And a large number of vehicles are driven by those without driving licences, with unlicensed motorcyclists estimated at 1.2 million. Victims injured by unlicensed drivers will not receive compensation from insurance companies, as the compulsory third party cover is invalid.

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi recently told Parliament that there were 12,089,747 motorcycles registered with the Road Transport Department as of last year.

It would be more interesting if he had provided an estimate on the number of motorcyclists riding without crash helmet as required by law.

Meanwhile, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim also told Parliament that 532,158 illegitimate children were registered with the National Registration Department between 2005 and 2015.

If sex education is considered taboo in secondary schools, surely the students should have understood about reproduction from Science or Biology classes. Why were more than half a million mothers so blur about their own bodies?

If this is not enough, 3.5 million Malaysian adults have been diagnosed with diabetes in 2015, the fourth highest number of diabetics in Asia, while 17 other countries have far greater population than us.

Malaysians are fond of proclaiming how delicious our foods are without realising the excess oil, fat, salt, sugar, spice, colouring, preservatives and artificial flavouring have rendered them unhealthy.

Can anyone name a popular Malaysian dish which is healthy?

Over consumption of sweet food and drinks, coupled with sedentary lifestyle have made Malaysia consistently the fattest country in South East Asia, according to the World Health Organisation that came up with the ranking.

The alarm bells have been ringing loud and clear but could not be heard by politicians. They try to prove that they care for the rakyat but in actual fact, many are only interested in power and popularity.

What we have is a recipe for disaster when leaders are selfish and education an abject failure, resulting in lack of courtesy at all levels of our society, illegitimate children and millions of citizens afflicted with non-communicable diseases.

In an uneducated society, few seem to care, even if it involves life and death issues.

Source : Y S Chan@The Heat Malaysia Online


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