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November 19, 2016

Ministry of Education: English writing skills need improvement

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Image result for English writing skillsWritten English proficiency among school children leaves much to be desired and remains unsatisfactory, the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results analysis revealed.

“There is still a need to improve on their writing abilities,” Ministry of Education director-general Tan Sri Khair Mohamad Yusof said.

“The candidates’ achievement level for English is satisfactory in terms of comprehension and grammar.”

Examiners were led to this conclusion when the new UPSR examination format was implemented this year to better evaluate the candidates’ performance.

Of the 452,721 who sat for the UPSR  2016 examination, 4,896 students obtained Grade A in all subjects.

Of the 337,633 comprehension candidates only 40,151 (12 per cent) scored A in English, while of the 337,669 written candidates only 22,961 (6.8) per cent obtained A for the English Language, whereas 21.2 per cent of 102,891 comprehension candidates and 11.7 per cent of 102,896 candidates in vernacular schools obtained A.

The candidates this year were the first to sit for the examination under the newly introduced UPSR format, which was in line with the implementation of the Primary School Standard Curriculum (KSSR) which emphasises elements of high thinking skills (KBAT).

“We cannot compare the analysis of UPSR 2016 with that of last year since this is the first year under KSSR,” Khair said when announcing the result analysis at the Ministry of Education in Putrajaya.

Under the KSSR and school-based assessment which began with Standard One students in 2011, the new format aims to ensure comprehensive development of the student’s intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical potential.

“The analysis has also revealed that the candidates’ ability to answer open-ended questions has improved, instead of only rote learning or answering multiple choice questions,” he said.

“It would not be fair to compare this year’s candidates to the previous year since the format differs.”

Under the new format, Khair said Standard Six students of Chinese vernacular schools who previously needed a minimum grade of C in Bahasa Malaysia in order to proceed to Form One, could now do so with a minimum grade of D.

“By next year we hope to be able to not only focus on a student’s UPSR achievements but also formulate his psychometric profile report, to ensure his spiritual and emotional capabilities,” he said.

This year’s UPSR saw 8,345 obtain 1B, 35,752 obtain 2B, 91,366 obtain a minimum of 1C, 152,825 obtain a minimum of 1D, 137,262 obtain a minimum of 1E, and 9,519 obtain all Es.



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