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December 23, 2016

It’s all about family ties this Christmas

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Denise decorates a Christmas tree with help from her mother, Delna Gomez, 60. — Picture by Ahmad ZamzahuriThere will be fewer grand open houses and more intimate family reunions this Christmas.

More and more families see it as an opportunity to bond and catch up on the moments they have missed out.

Samantha Le Simon, 24, who has just returned after a year’s study in Britain, prefers just being with her family.

“After being away, I learned to appreciate them even more, which is why we decided this Christmas will be a time with the entire family instead of having people over,” she said.

Samantha said celebrating the festive occasion with her immediate family was much more special.

“Grand open houses are exciting but as we grow up, we tend to realise that time with the family is more important,” she said.

“Small scale celebrations give us a chance to mend broken relationships and grow closer.”

Samantha said the lack of decorations did not dampen their Christmas spirit as they chose to look at the deeper meaning of the celebration.

“Christmas is not just about the decorations. That’s why we decided to make a change this year. The bond, the relationship, the love, the spirit of celebrating it together as one make it more meaningful,” she said.

Human resource recruiter Sabine Fernandez, 24, said the entire family would be travelling to Dublin to have a small-scale celebration as her brother is there.

“We usually have a grand celebration where we invite friends and extended family over. However, this year we decided to change the way we celebrate the season,” she said.

She said it would be her family’s first Christmas away from home.

“We don’t get to spend time together much as my dad and brother work in different parts of the world but this gathering will give us a chance to bond and have an intimate family reunion,” she said.

Denise Kassandra Fernandez, 28, said small celebrations  gave those with busy schedules a chance to get into the festive spirit.

“Since we have family members scattered all over the world, everyone makes it a point to come home for Christmas. That’s what makes it so special for us,” she said.

“Having the family come together during this special occasion is a blessing.”

Source : @ The Malay Mail Online


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