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December 26, 2016

Thanks for the obvious but 1MDB not absolved, Kit Siang tells Jasa

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Lim Kit Siang said the Special Affairs Department was stating the obvious when it claimed the 30-month jail sentence of Jho Low’s banker Yeo Jia Wei in Singapore had nothing to do with 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

He said this was because the conviction was specifically for Yeo tampering with witnesses to cover up his alleged bigger offences of laundering money linked to 1MDB.

The trial for the money-laundering offences, of which Yeo faces seven charges, will begin next year.

As such, he said this does not absolve 1MDB and individuals Jasa was trying to protect.

“The inescapable fact is that Yeo’s present conviction and jail sentence is only collateral to the major offences which included money-laundering, cheating and forgery in the illicit movement of S$23.9 million of 1MDB-linked funds.

“How can Jasa claim that these primary charges have nothing to do with Arul or even Najib as the key person solely responsible for all major decisions affecting the 1MDB?

“Can 1MDB and the BN government continue this charade of pretending that they are unconcerned and unconnected to the criminal investigations and prosecutions connected with 1MDB which are taking place in some 10 countries all over the world?” he said in a statement today.

Lim was responding to a social media message blast by Jasa following the 30-month jail sentenced handed down by a Singapore court against Yeo on Wednesday.

Jasa said Yeo’s conviction proved it had nothing to do with 1MDB but omitted a separate trial Yeo will face next year for laundering 1MDB-linked funds.

“Was 1MDB the one which was being investigated and heard in court?

“Based on the facts of this case so far, the investigations and court proceedings are not about 1MDB but more about the investigation on BSI Bank in Singapore and the funds under BSI Bank,” it said.

Source : @ Malaysiakini


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