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December 29, 2016

Amanah won’t contest PKR’s seats, says deputy chief

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Amanah today stressed that it will not contest in any seats contested by its allies in the next general election.

Amanah deputy president Salahuddin Ayub said this is pending further discussions with Pakatan Harapan parties and its allies.

Earlier, Amanah’s information chief Khalid Samad had said that the party wants to contest at least 40 parliamentary seats, including those contested by PKR and PAS in the 13th general election.

“Amanah is in Pakatan Harapan so I can guarantee that Amanah will not contest in PKR seats, because PKR is our ally in Harapan, and will not contest against Bersatu.

“There might be further seat negotiations involving new seats, and there may be swaps whereby PKR may contest a parliamentary seat while Amanah contests in the state assembly seat,” he said.

“But in principle, Amanah as a member of Harapan will not take our friend PKR’s seat in any contest, especially not in the upcoming general election,” he said when met in Putrajaya today.

This comes after PAS accused Amanah of showing its true colours when Khalid said the party will contest seats previously contested by PKR.

Remember Kota Damansara, Khalid tells PAS

Responding to PAS, Khalid in a statement late today said the 40 seats he mentioned was only referring to parliamentary seats which Amanah has a good chance of winning.

This will be discussed with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) and PKR, he said.

“The term ‘stealing seats’ is inappropriate since it will be decided in a joint meeting.

“Stealing seats is like what happened in Kota Damansara during GE13, when PAS went against consensus to steal the seat from PKR.

“Amanah won’t do that,” he said in a statement.

Salahuddin spoke to reporters earlier after submitting a memorandum to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s headquarters to urge the anti-graft body re-open investigations into 1MDB.

There have been three 1MDB-linked convictions in Singapore, while investigations linked to the state investment firm is under way in the United States, Switzerland and several other countries.

Swiss investigators have also taken enforcement action against banks linked to 1MDB for money-laundering.

The United States Department of Justice has initiated legal action to seize about US$1 billion of assets believed purchased in the United States by funds siphoned from 1MDB.

1MDB denies wrongdoing.

Source : Shakira Buang @ Malaysiakini


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