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January 2, 2017

‘Why must parents say how much they earn, for free textbooks?’

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Mohamad-Ali-Hassan_buku-tesk_sekolah_60032The National Parent-Teacher Association has questioned the Education Ministry on the need for parents to fill in salary and income tax details to register children in public schools.

Chairman Mohamad Ali Hassan said the details are personal and the ministry should update parents on the reasons for making it mandatory to fill in the Income Declaration Form and another Student Information form for the Education Ministry.

The Income Declaration Form states the information is for parents seeking free school textbook for their children, while the second form does not state any reasons for requiring the same details.

“If they say it is to give textbooks assistance to students, it shouldn’t be — because the government is giving out free textbooks to all students, regardless of parents salary. It is a national policy.

bornang24“The Income Declaration Form does not make sense,” he told FMT.

He was asked the reasons for the ministry for making it mandatory for parents to fill in two forms in order to register their children in public schools.
In 2009, former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi approved a scheme to give free textbooks to primary and secondary students in government schools, regardless of their financial background. Prior to 2009, the aid was limited to children from poor families.

Ali said the PTA has not been updated on the reasons for seeking the personal details of parents registering their children with the Education Ministry.

“Is it to know who is entitled to BR1M or is it to access information on how much a family can contribute to the school?

“Or is it to evaluate if the child needs meal assistance at school?” he asked.

Parents are also required to fill in their salary in the declaration form while the Student Information form requires parents to fill in the occupation of both the parents, the employer’s name, address, the income tax number and monthly salary.

National school reopens on Wednesday.

Source : @ FMT Online


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  1. With ringgit so appalling in value, any freebies also must take.

    Comment by Kamsari — January 2, 2017 @ 12:27 PM | Reply

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