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January 9, 2017

No Malay tsunami in GE14, analyst predicts

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An academic predicted that there would be no ‘Malay tsunami’ of rural support that would sweep the Opposition to victory in the next general election. — Picture by KE OoiThere won’t be a ‘Malay tsunami’ in the upcoming general election, in terms of the community’s support for the Opposition, an analyst from a local university has predicted.

Sinar Harian quoted Universiti Utara Malaysia’ (UUM) Law, Government and International Studies dean, Associate Professor Dr Ahmad Marthada Mohamed as saying that only urban Malay voters are keen for change which will in turn translate into support for the Opposition.

“So, I don’t agree that there will be a Malay tsunami, as there aren’t much changes,” he said referring to the support from the Malay community for the Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN).

He said that the urban Malays, unlike their rural counterparts, are more exposed to social media and hence are better informed, unlike the latter group who still rely on government support and aid.

Previously, DAP’s Kluang MP and the the party’s strategist Liew Chin Tong predicted that the opposition can ride a “Malay economic tsunami” to take over the federal government with just 38 marginal seats in Peninsular Malaysia if a mere 6 per cent of voters swing away from BN.

Liew had said the battle for the 14th general election due in three years’ time would be in peninsular Malaysia, where 73 of BN’s Election 2013 haul of 88 seats are located.

Out of these 73 seats won by BN, 38 were won with less than 10 per cent margin. Out of the 38 BN marginal seats, 27 of them were won with less than 6 per cent margin, while the remaining 12 were won with between 6 per cent and10 per cent margin.

According to Liew, the 38 marginal seats that the opposition has a chance of grabbing away from BN are largely mixed seats (22) with less than 70 per centMalay voters, while the remaining 16 have more than 70 per cent Malay voters.

Source : @ The Malay Mail Online


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