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January 10, 2017

Warisan invites DAP, PKR to contest GE14 under its banner

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Darell-LeikingAll opposition parties in Sabah should be led by a common party, says Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) deputy president Darell Leiking, The Borneo Post reported today.

In making the call for an “all-in-one” political vehicle, the Penampang MP also welcomed parties from Pakatan Harapan to contest under the Warisan banner in the next general election (GE14).

“Warisan welcomes any party that shares the same mission/views of Warisan on inculcating a spirit of unity among all races, (ethnicities) and religions in Sabah as a whole. Warisan aims to help Sabahans unite and not to disunite them.

“For Pakatan Harapan, they have the same mission as Warisan. So why not use Warisan’s symbol to form a government in Sabah,” Darell said at a press conference before a seminar organised by Warisan in Tawau on Saturday night, according to the Sarawak-based daily.

The former PKR vice-president was also confident that though a fledgling party, Warisan will be able to form the state government after GE14.

“Warisan can capture Sabah in GE14 by winning 73 state seats and 25 parliamentary seats, leaving no chance for Barisan National (BN) and Umno to form the state government,” he was quoted as saying by The Borneo Post.

Leiking also said that Warisan would be a responsible party to all Sabahans or voters in Sabah regardless of race and religion.

“Any country will break down because of the presence of racists but it will grow without them. Hence, the party will not accept racists but will treat and serve all Sabahans as their priority,” he was quoted as saying.

He added that Warisan regarded everyone (born in Sabah), regardl

Source : @ FMT Online


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