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January 18, 2017

Mixed reactions to licence plate microchip proposal

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Image result for The proposal to embed microchips in vehicle licence platesThe proposal to embed microchips in vehicle licence plates has received mixed reactions from the public.

Wong Yu Boon said the move would ensure drivers do not indiscriminately modify their vehicles, which could endanger themselves and others.

“Some car owners will place a higher horsepower engine into a smaller car and drive as if they are on a race track and if the microchip is installed, the authorities will be able to detect the changes done by the driver,” he said.

“Apart from that, the authorities will know if the car is stolen or using a different number plate for criminal activities. This will also eliminate vehicle theft, and detect unlicensed and uninsured vehicles.”

However, he said the microchips could be problematic should the installation be expensive and if the information on them is not secure.

“Drivers will be in danger if some irresponsible human being wants to hack into the system and track down someone for some reason.

“This is a matter of privacy as well,” he explained.

For Esra Ibrahim, the proposal is a good idea but she warned that dishonest dealers might exploit the microchips for personal gain.

“This could potentially defeat the purpose to significantly reduce road users’ delinquencies,” she said.

According to Christopher Meringai, the microchips could reduce car theft and crime as the authorities would be able to easily trace stolen cars.

“However, technology like this doesn’t come cheap, especially if it breaks down.

“I just hope the government will control the price of these items and only allow the authorised dealers to sell it.

“On the other hand, enforcement should be tighter if the government wants to curb the problem of fancy plates, especially on car accessory dealers.

“If no one sells it, no one would be able to buy it,” he said.

The proposed microchips would apparently contain information about the vehicle owner, the driver, as well as engine and chassis numbers, in order to reduce car theft and car cloning, as well as detect errant motorists.

Source : Zaheera Johari @ The Borneo Post Online



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