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January 19, 2017

NGOs want authorities to take safety measures against sex offenders

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Huckle, pictured in Kuala Lumpur, admitted to 71 offences against children aged between six months and 12 years and was handed 22 life sentences last year. — Malay Mail picThe authorities have been urged to keep an eye on Malaysians, especially sex crime offenders who have been convicted abroad.

Women’s Aid Organisation of Malaysia spokesperson Tan Heang-Lee urged the government to set up a sex offender registry and a tracking mechanism to ensure these offenders would not repeat their criminal activities when they returned.

Several parties had called recently for the setting up a sex offender registry which will enable authorities to monitor the movement of sex offenders.

This came following the revelation of paedophile Richard Huckle, who had sexually assaulted 23 children and babies here, as well as children in Cambodia for almost a decade.

“Once they re-enter the community, such mechanisms must be put in place to safeguard the community while balacing the individual’s right to mobility and privacy,” Tan said.

“If he (Selva Kumar Subbiah) has yet to be rehabilitated in Canada, then the government must ensure it is done here.”

Tan also wondered if the authorities were able to handle the reintegration of sexual offenders into the community.

“The Canadian and Malaysian authorities must be transparent about their integration plans for Selva Kumar,” she added.

Tenaganita programme director Aegile Fernandez said Selva Kumar must be given a thorough mental evaluation upon his return.

“We cannot allow a man of his nature to mix freely without restrictions. The authorities must ensure proper security measures are in place to stop him from going back to his old ways,” she said

“He is a Malaysian and has every right to return but it is difficult for anyone to say he will not commit the same crimes here.”

Fernandez said boundaries must be put in place if Selva Kumar was returning to work.

Women’s right activist Ivy Josiah said the police should keep an eye on Selva Kumar to ensure he was not a danger to society.



Source : MAY ROBERTSON @ The Malay Mail Online



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