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January 19, 2017

Zaid predicts ‘Malay Tsunami’ will drown Najib in GE14

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Political and economic pundits appear united in their prediction that the opposition will not be able to seize federal power in the 14th general election, with some even claiming BN will restore the two-thirds parliamentary majority that has eluded the ruling coalition in the last two general elections.

However, former law minister Zaid Ibrahim criticised the analysts for not having faith in Malaysian voters, and offered a counter prediction on GE14.

“There will be such a huge Malay tsunami against the BN that (Prime Minister) Najib (Abdul Razak) and company won’t even know what hit them,” Zaid said in a blog posting.

“Malay voters do not answer questionnaires. They do not want BN and Umno operators to cause them problems, so they pretend that they support Umno – but change is in the air. A huge swing of voters to the opposition is in the offing and we will have a new government after GE14,” he added.

According to Zaid, the analysts who predicted doom for the opposition believe that Malaysians do not care about corruption.

“They think we are a bunch of buffoons who will be happy to receive some crumbs near polling day and we will return the current leaders to power,” he said.

Zaid also claimed that the experts do not think much of Muslims in Malaysia, who make up the majority of Malaysian voters.

“They think our Islamisation policy is totally superficial and totally ineffective at instilling the right religious values amongst Muslims here.

“They think Malaysian Muslims do not care about integrity and honesty, and can be easily duped by their leaders with the promise of ‘hudud’ and subsidised trips to Mecca, which will cause them to forget all about injustice and corruption,” he added.

Don’t underestimate Mahathir

Zaid also believes that the analysts have underestimated former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s influence among the Malays.

“They think Malays have forgotten the many things he has done for them. The experts think Mahathir has no more influence and that he is just an angry old man who cannot match the firepower and ruthless machinations of the prime minister. They think he only has nuisance-value,” he added.

The experts, he said, have also misjudged the country’s three million civil servants, considering them as a solid voting block for Umno.

“In other words, they think the Malays who comprise the bulk of the service are a bunch of fools who tolerate being berated for stealing money from the people, although politicians are spared such accusations,” Zaid added.

The former minister also chatised the experts for thinking that Malaysians would not retaliate when their land is taken away for high-rise buildings and mega-projects, or when food prices rise to sky-high levels.

“These experts believe that people will stay loyal to the BN despite facing daily financial problems caused by high prices and by low wages. These experts think people will accept that this is their fate and will continue to be indebted to the government and will stay grateful forever,” he added.

On the contrary, Zaid claimed Malaysians are waiting for the election to come sooner rather than later.

Source :  @ Malaysiakini



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