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January 22, 2017

Warisan: Let’s talk about common manifesto before seats

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shafie-afdalOpposition parties in Sabah must first talk about sharing a common manifesto and a set of policies before commencing talks on seats for the upcoming polls.

Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) president Shafie Apdal likened the union of opposition parties in Sabah under one coalition to a marriage.

“It’s like getting married. If we want to get married, we have to find out whether we can connect with the girl.

“What’s the point if you are just going to fight all the time after marriage?

“That’s trouble,” he told reporters after a walkabout at the Lido market in Sabah today. A recording of the interview was made available here.

Shafie revealed Warisan had received several invites to cooperate with opposition parties in the state, but said he remained sceptical regarding these offers.

“However, the party is still open for discussions. For now, we will work on our side to reach out to more people.

“It is important for Warisan to get to know the policies of other parties, otherwise there might be disagreements.”

Based on his 30 years’ experience in politics, Shafie said Sabah had a rich history of political leaders jumping from one party to another.

“I’m not accusing anyone. But, Sabah’s history is very bitter indeed.

“It doesn’t matter if we lose in the polls, but we must not trade away our dignity.”

The former Umno vice-president also reminded that Warisan must exercise caution when forming potential alliances with opposition parties in the state.

“What’s the point of trading seats, if our allies jump to another party once they are offered ministerial positions?”

Shafie then emphasised that unity among Sabahans is crucial in the upcoming polls.

“It is not the party that will determine the government of the state, but the people of Sabah.”

Source : Tarrence Tan @ FMT Online


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