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February 13, 2017

‘I have embraced Islam, but I’m still Chinese’

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nurulNurul Nadhirah Liew had to fend off a lot of negative perceptions about Islam when she converted 20 years ago.

Having been brought up in a Taoist household and having very little interaction with the Malay-Muslim community, it was only natural that her family knew very little about Islam.

When Nurul converted, her mother feared she had “lost” a daughter and that Nurul would abandon her Chinese roots.

“At first they also thought I couldn’t eat with them or join them for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner. They thought it would be difficult as they could not cook for me.

“So I told them what I could eat and what I couldn’t. It took a few months, but they got used to it. My mum now makes sure she buys halal chicken,” the mother of three told FMT when met at a Chinese New Year luncheon for Chinese Muslims here today.

But that wasn’t the only challenge Nurul had to endure. Some also came from the Malay-Muslim community.

Once, the Sungai Siput-born Nurul was told she could not identify herself as Chinese.

“That made me cry because race and religion are two different things.”

She was also told she had to wear “baju kurung” and on several occasions was reprimanded for her dressing.

Initially, Nurul, a civil servant, said she did as she was told. But not anymore.

Now, she explains her stand. That as long as she dresses modestly there is no problem.

“I may have embraced Islam, but I’m still Chinese.”

Source : Sean Augustin @ FMT Online



  1. A Malaysian youth group urged the Muslim women to “avoid the use of emoticons” in an anti-Valentine’s Day message. According to the group, the celebration of Valentine’s Day will threaten the faith of Muslims and lead to illicit sex.

    This latest advice is part of a seven-point guide that was issued by the National Muslim Youth Association (Pembina) in Malaysia regarding how Muslim women should conduct themselves during interactions with “non-mahram”, or men they can marry.

    Pembina said in a Facebook post that the guide is also applicable on other days apart from Valentine’s Day. It requested the women to keep private text messages short and to stay away from using the ubiquitous smiley faces and colourful icons.

    The group warned the women to dress properly and not to use too much of fragrance. The women should not speak in a sweet or mellow voice. The Muslim women were also warned against being alone with “non-mahram” men, and to only interact with them during the daytime and not after nightfall.

    Comment by Solomon — February 15, 2017 @ 2:09 PM | Reply

  2. Big populations of Cina Muslims in Tiongkok, they retained their Cina native names…
    approximately 1,6OOyrs of Islamic development, & approximately 1,5OOyrs in Tiongkok…
    in Holy book Kor’an, recommded that for further study, go to Tiongkok…this is purely for knowledge…
    i stand for correction….apology if above infors ada mistake…

    Comment by pohlanpar — February 14, 2017 @ 9:20 PM | Reply

  3. The chinese can make a choice in their belief, but not the Malays.
    This is the moral of the story.

    Comment by Ferdy — February 14, 2017 @ 7:41 AM | Reply

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