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February 17, 2017

In Selangor, PAS says would cling on to posts even if party cuts off PKR

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Datuk Iskandar Samad has insisted that PAS will only review its cooperation with PKR during its upcoming Muktamar next month. ― Picture by Yusof Mat IsaSelangor PAS will not surrender its positions in the state government or government-linked companies (GLCs) in the event the party’s leadership formally ends it cooperation with PKR, Datuk Iskandar Samad said.

The PAS vice-president and Selangor PAS commissioner also insisted that the Islamist party will only review its cooperation with PKR during its upcoming Muktamar next month, despite president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang saying it will not work with allies of DAP and Amanah.

“We must respect the mandate of the people back in the 2013 general election, they had given a mandate for three parties to run the state.

“We cannot run away from the responsibilities that have been given to us,” he told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

He also claimed that Hadi never called for an end to the party’s alliance with PKR, despite the latter saying his party will not work with any that have ties with DAP and Amanah.

Both parties continue to maintain a working relationship despite the disintegration of Pakatan Rakyat, most notably in Selangor where the two form the administration together with DAP.

“PAS still has a relationship with PKR. The president’s statement only asked for this relationship to be reviewed and decided during the upcoming muktamar,” Iskandar, who is a Selangor state executive councillor, explained.

On Sunday, Hadi issued the warning to PKR after he rejected cooperation with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia whose chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had given PAS one month to decide if it will join a proposed coalition including all federal opposition parties.

On February 1, PAS and PPBM formed a joint committee that was tasked with framing an outline for political cooperation between both parties ahead of the 14th general election that must be held no later than August next year.

The Islamist party fell out with secular DAP in 2015, leading to the breakup of the Pakatan Rakyat partnership formed after the landmark Election 2008 that denied the ruling BN its customary two-thirds control of Parliament for the first time in decades.

PPBM president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin previously proposed a new political pact called Barisan Rakyat or the People’s Front, which would ostensibly include his party, PAS and the entirety of Pakatan Harapan.

Source : SHAZWAN MUSTAFA KAMAL @ Malay Mail Online


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