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February 18, 2017

Rafizi: Isa Samad soon to be Felda scapegoat

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PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli today claimed that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has a trick up his sleeve regarding the issues Felda is facing.

This trick, Rafizi claims, involving making a scapegoat out of former Felda chairperson Isa Samad, to retain Umno-BN’s votes in the upcoming general election.

“We’ve seen two, three steps towards the trick.

“First, when Isa Samad’s service was terminated and replaced with Shahrir Samad, we can already tell that this is heading towards putting the blame on Isa.

“If Umno-BN can show that they have good intentions and Shahrir is good and this was all Isa’s fault, he (Najib) can perform a ‘magic trick’.

“When it is nearer to the general election, he can find money from wherever and make whatever announcements,” Rafizi said at the Invoke office in Sungai Besi today.

With all the problems plaguing Felda that have been exposed, Rafizi said that Najib who is the Umno president, can no longer bury the Felda issues.

Rafizi said in the last general election (GE), Najib had also been accused of playing a trick by listing Felda Global Ventures (FGV).

“In GE13, his ‘magic trick’ was listing FGV, his excuse being that the money that was borrowed to list FGV, was returned to the settlers as a listing bonus and the RM15,000 was later used as political model, to bury Felda’s issues at that time, to provide big votes to Umno-BN in the past GE.

“Now I’m sure the settlers know that the biggest joke from Najib is borrowing the money then giving the bonus to the Felda settlers, but now the settlers know the bonus is actually debts that they have to pay,” Rafizi said.

Following this potential ‘trick’, Rafizi said Pakatan Harapan had a discussion to face all possible situations where Najib can no longer play his tricks anymore.

“(We have to) relay these information clearly to the settlers and the second generation that the Felda issues are the fault of Najib and not Isa,” he insisted.

Pakatan Harapan will start by having a campaign called “Felda Sekarang Bukan Yang Dulu” (Felda Now, Not What it Used to be) to defend the settlers and the new generation who are alleged to have been robbed by the BN government.

The campaign will also be followed up with a Felda Congress on March 19 in Shah Alam.

Source : Shakira Buang @ Malaysiakini


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