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February 27, 2017

CM: Sarawak’s negotiations on Malaysia Agreement at second stage

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Without deliberating on details, Sarawak Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Openg reportedly said that talks with Putrajaya were currently looking at financial aspects. — Picture by Sulok TawieNegotiations to rewrite the Malaysia Agreement 1963 to give Sarawak greater autonomy are now in the second phase, the state government said.

Without deliberating on details, Sarawak Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Openg reportedly said that talks with Putrajaya were currently looking at financial aspects.

“Now we are at the second stage, which is more on finance. If agreed, the negotiation will proceed to the technical aspect that is under the point of law, constitution and Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63),” he was quoted as saying in The Borneo Post Online.

Abang Johari refused to divulge details for fear that they may be misconstrued and affect the ongoing negotiations.

“This will jeopardise the negotiation and the posting (on Facebook) is bad because it jeopardises the perception of the other side (Putrajaya).

“Datuk Seri Najib (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak) has been very open to the negotiation on certain aspects that have been eroded and has agreed to bring it back to the state. There are subject matters that we have to negotiate further but he could not disclose any,” he was quoted as saying.

The news report said a Facebook posting had earlier emerged, claiming that some 630,000 petitioners together with the support of the Sarawak state legislative assembly, had presented a petition to Queen Elizabeth II to review MA63.

Abang Johari’s aide Ambrose Cheng lodged a police report on the matter.

Discussions to amend MA63 was started by the late chief minister, Tan Sri Adenan Satem, to correct the anomaly in the agreement.

Adenan, who had fought for this before his demise in January, felt that the state’s rights had eroded over time through Putrajaya’s involvement.

Najib, meanwhile, had several times expressed his readiness to come up with a win-win situation for both the state and the federal government.

Source : @ Malay Mail Online



  1. There were nothing secrets about the 18 and 20 points Malaysia Agreement. What is there to negotiate and what were so confidential and complicated?

    Comment by Mat Som — March 1, 2017 @ 4:34 PM | Reply

  2. 3rd Stage … 2018

    4th Stage ….2019

    5th Stage …. 2020 ….bye bye sayonara

    Comment by tigeryk — March 1, 2017 @ 6:16 AM | Reply

  3. Good ,second phase ,anyway how many phases to go through 100/500 or 1000? before settling down.

    Comment by Salim — February 27, 2017 @ 3:03 PM | Reply

  4. Re write the Agreement? Were the Sarawakian public consulted and agreed to that?
    We want that agreement intact,upheld and complied to without subtractions and additions to it!

    Comment by Brian — February 27, 2017 @ 2:06 PM | Reply

  5. The pseudo Sarawak for Sarawakians government is now bending over for Najib and Putrajaya to screw its backside. Sarawakians must vote out a toothless, hopeless and useless Umno Baru controlled BN Sarawak government.

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — February 27, 2017 @ 1:20 PM | Reply

  6. Who give the Sarawak government and Putrajaya the right to rewrite the Malaysia Agreement 1963. A referendum must be called to seek the approval of Sarawakians should for any reasons the MA63 needs to be rewritten or amended.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — February 27, 2017 @ 1:16 PM | Reply

  7. Hope … Doubt … U-turn … Postpone … Complicated … Be Patience … Need time … very sensitive … and what not

    Comment by tigeryk — February 27, 2017 @ 9:44 AM | Reply

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