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March 7, 2017

Citing limits in freedom of speech, economist wants Zakir deported

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Controversial preacher Zakir Naik should be deported from Malaysia as there is a boundary in freedom of speech, said economist Lim Teck Ghee.

“Everyone knows that freedom of speech has its limits in all societies,” he replied via an email to Malaysiakini.

“The action initiated against Zakir is to prevent him from continuing to propagate messages of religious extremism and intolerance,” he explained.

Lim, together with 18 others, had filed a civil suit last week to compel the government to arrest and deport Zakir, whom them believed to be in the country.

Citing the principle of freedom of speech and expression, lawyer Syahredzan Johan then said a person should not be stopped because the society does not like what he was going to say.

“We want the authorities and our political leaders to close our doors to Zakir and similar preachers of hate before it is too late,” said Lim, who is also an economist.

Meanwhile, Lim also denied that their suit was seditious in nature as claimed by Perkasa Youth, who lodged a police report against them.

“We are attempting to preserve national security, harmony and unity,” he said.

“Perkasa’s members need to ask themselves whether they will remain quiet and do nothing if a non-Muslim preacher is permitted to run around the country spouting similar hateful and bigoted speeches against Islam in public forums and lectures,” he asked.

The evidence that Zakir was a threat to the national security was included in their 59 page supporting affidavit in the court action filed, he claimed.

Lim also cited the following terrorism activities involving Malaysians :

1. Malaysian officials closed a blind eye to the presence of Indonesian Abu Bakar Bashir, subsequently jailed for the deaths of 14 innocent people in the Bali bombings.

2. The inspector-general of police (IGP) has admitted that more than 60 radicalised Malaysian Muslims had gone to fight alongside Islamic State (IS).

3. The thousand or more Malaysian Muslims who went to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban who have engaged in outrageous acts of violence on a regular basis.   .

4. 9/11 bombers had used Malaysia as a transit point and laundered money here.

5. The Jan 2017 Istanbul gunman Abdulkadir Masharipov was caught in possession of Malaysian ringgit.

Source : Kow Gah Chie @ Malaysiakini


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