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March 7, 2017

Why heavy police presence at abducted pastor’s vigil? Selangor Speaker asks

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A candlelight vigil for missing Pastor Raymond Koh is held outside the Selangor police headquarters in Shah Alam, March 5, 2017. — Picture by Yusof Mat IsaSelangor State Assembly Speaker Hannah Yeoh criticised today the heavy police security at a candlelight vigil to pray for the safety of abducted Pastor Raymond Koh last night.

Yeoh, who is also DAP’s Subang Jaya state assemblyman, expressed disappointment with the way the police had approached the peaceful gathering, which was held just outside the Selangor police headquarters in Shah Alam.

“I am disappointed with the multiple roadblocks last night at the peaceful candlelight vigil, with very heavy police presence creating unnecessary confusion,” Yeoh, who had also attended the vigil, said in a statement.

“There was no provocative or political speeches. Only a simple speech by Pastor Raymond’s wife thanking everyone and urging everyone to keep praying for his safety.”

She had compared the scrutiny to the multiple provocative protests by Sungai Besar Umno head Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos at the Selangor State Secretariat Building nearby, alleging biased treatment.

“I work in Shah Alam just a mere 100 metres away from the vigil site and I am used to seeing provocative protests led by the infamous Jamal.

“The difference in surveillance between a quiet peaceful candlelight vigil and multiple provocative protests in the same vicinity is glaring to say the least,” she added.

Yeoh also urged the Home Ministry and the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to deploy sufficient resources to resolve this mysterious abduction of Koh, for “the sanity of Pastor Raymond’s family” and to assure the many anxious Malaysians, who are awaiting news of his safety.

Hundreds of Malaysians gathered at the candlelight vigil to pray for the safe return of Pastor Raymond Koh, who was abducted on February 13 by masked men.

The crowd turned up in droves at the vigil that was held near the Selangor police headquarters, and gathered at the entrance of the building before police dispersed the crowd.

Security was also tightened around the area, with some 50 police officers and members of the Light Strike Force being stationed at the roads heading towards the police headquarters.

The family is offering a reward of RM100,000 to anyone with information of his whereabouts.

Source : @ Malay Mail Online


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  1. Malaysians at large believed a government agency was involved in the abduction of Pastor Koh with the knowledge of the Home Ministry and IGP. Could Pastor Koh be taken in for rehabilitation and tortured for his evangelical work?

    Comment by Simon Abbey — March 7, 2017 @ 11:35 PM | Reply

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