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March 22, 2017

PKR says Roland Engan will win Baram seat in GE14

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Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Baram has declared that its chief Roland Engan will win the Baram seat during the next parliamentary election.

According to PKR Baram secretary Dennis Along, the branch has conducted meetings and received feedback from members on the ground who want Roland to be PKR’s candidate for the seat.

“The people of Baram still want Roland to stand as the candidate representing PKR to wrest the seat from the BN candidate in the upcoming election,” Dennis told a press conference yesterday.

He pointed out that Roland only lost by 167 votes to Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau during last year’s state election, and by 194 votes to Baram Member of Parliament Anyi Ngau during the 2013 parliamentary election.

According to PKR Marudi chief Engga Bajeng, Roland has visited many longhouses in Baram and Marudi, and is well known to the people.

“The grassroots in Marudi want Roland to contest in the GE14 and we need him to win the seat because of the call made from all communities here that want him to be the candidate,” Engga claimed.

“We reject new faces contesting for the Baram seat as they are still not familiar with the grassroots’ problems and issues, especially the NCR land issues of longhouses.”

PKR Baram Hilir chief John Barah claimed the Orang Ulu community still want Roland to contest for the Baram seat.

“Roland can win the seat as the people on the ground want him to contest this election,” he said.

PKR Baram youth chief Elia Abit also claimed Roland has the support of youths in the area.

“This is the way our party functions – we choose the candidate from the people and the voice of the people is important,” she said.

“Voices from Marudi, Mulu, and Telang Usan want Roland chosen as candidate for Baram as he is close to the people.”

It is understood there are some 4,000 PKR members in Baram.

Source : @ Borneo Post Online


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