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April 4, 2017

Nation’s top judge pledges independent judiciary

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Md-Raus-Sharif_law_new_a600Newly-minted Chief Justice Raus Sharif today pledged he will ensure judicial independence and integrity among his judges during his term in office.

He said he was also committed to maintaining a competent judicial system that upheld the rule of law.

“It is my duty as well as everyone of us to ensure the independence of the judiciary is safeguarded,” he said in his maiden speech here as the top judge of the nation.

Having taken the judicial oath a total of six times from the day he was appointed judicial commissioner in 1994, Raus said he would discharge the duties as chief justice to the best of his ability.

“I will bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia, and will preserve, protect and defend its constitution.”

Earlier, he witnessed the oath-taking ceremony of Court of Appeal President Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin and Chief Judge of Malaya Ahmad Maarop before the most senior judges of their respective courts.

Raus, the 14th chief justice, had earlier in the day taken his oath of office before Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V at Istana Negara.

He said judicial independence was essential to enable judges to perform their constitutional role of adjudicating disputes between citizens and citizens, and between citizens and the state, fairly and impartially.

“As an institution, the judiciary is not and should never be beholden to anyone but the Federal Constitution.”

Raus said the healthy timeline to dispose of cases would be maintained to ensure access to justice.

“We have introduced some ground breaking and revolutionary reforms that have brought public trust and confidence in our judical system.”

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali, in his speech, said the responsibility shouldered by Raus was heavy but pledged his chambers would offer support and committment.

“We look forward to having many fruitful discussions on legal matters of common concern between the judiciary and the chambers.”

Malaysian Bar president George Varughese expressed hope judges would deliver grounds of judgment expeditiously.

“This enables the losing party to better appreciate and understand the decision. It will also assist counsel to advise their clients on the prospect of pursuing an appeal.”

Speaking to reporters later, Raus said he would also ensure trials that involved the death penalty would be disposed of in less than three years.

“In the past, it took up to 10 years to come from the High Court to the Federal Court,” he said, adding he would discuss the matter with the AG and the Bar.

Zulkefli said those charged but acquitted would have been in remand for a longer period as bail is not allowed for offences that carried the death penalty.

Source : @ FMT Online


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