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April 8, 2017

Under fire over rape remark, Umno MP now threatens to sue media

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Shabudin brushed aside condemnation hurled at him by the public, particularly on social media, and said that the public doesn't understand the technicalities of the law. ― File picTasek Gelugor MP Datuk Shabudin Yahaya has threatened to sue the reporters and media organisations that had “twisted” his words to make it appear as if he condoned rape victims marrying their rapists.

The former Shariah court judge told a press conference this morning that what he said during his debate in Parliament two days ago were spun by certain media which then led to a huge polemic.

“Unethical and irresponsible media used what I said in the debate to spin it and unfairly confused the public with false reports,” he claimed.

He said if the video of his debate is scrutinised in its entirety, he never said that rapists who forced themselves on their victims should marry their victims to get lighter sentences for their offence.

“I was talking about consensual sex between a couple where the girl is underage, which by law was termed as statutory rape, I was not talking about forced rape,” he said.

He stressed that he was referring to the Shariah law that has a provision for Muslim girls under 16 and boys under 18 to get married with the condition of obtaining approval from the Shariah court.

“In Malaysian civil law, if girls under 16 had sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, it is classified as statutory rape and I was referring to this, not to forced rape,”

“Statutory rape is called rape but it could be consensual sex between a dating couple where the girl is underage, for example, between a 20-year-old boy and a 15 years and 10 month old girl,” he said.

He explained that young couples may have had consensual sex which led to pregnancy and this is where the Shariah law comes in to “correct a mistake” by allowing the young Muslim couple to get married so that the baby is not born out of wedlock.

“I was not talking about victims who were forcibly raped, I was talking about consensual sex between a young couple and they are in love and they made a mistake so the Shariah law has a provision to allow them to correct it by getting married so that the girl will have a future and the baby will also have a future,” he said.

He said, in his debate, he had opposed the proposed amendment to the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill 2017 to include banning child marriages under 16 years of age.

“I was saying that by banning marriages for those under 16, it may lead to Muslim girls, who got pregnant by their boyfriends, being abandoned and left to fend for themselves while their babies will also be born out of wedlock and the boy don’t have to be responsible for it so where is the justice in that?” he asked.

He said during his tenure as a Shariah court judge, he had approved marriages for young underage couples before and some of them are happily married till today.

As for calls asking for his resignation, Shabudin brushed it aside as a political agenda by those who don’t understand Islam and the Shariah law.

“I know, it’s politicians who called for me to resign and the one who took the lead to call for me to resign is a non-Muslim who doesn’t understand Islam, it’s a lack of knowledge of Islam,” he said.

He also brushed aside condemnation hurled at him by the public, particularly on social media, and said that the public doesn’t understand the technicalities of the law.

“I don’t expect the public to understand the Shariah law and the technicalities of the law but why are some threatening to rape my daughter, what is wrong with Malaysians? People are making such threats without fully understanding the whole issue,” he said.

Shabudin has been under fire in the last two days after he was reported as saying that rape victims should be allowed to marry their rapists as a remedy to social problems.

He reportedly said it would be “safer” for the rape victims to marry their rapists and has also suggested that even nine-year-old girls are “physically and spiritually” ready for marriage.

Source : OPALYN MOK @ Malay Mail Online




  1. “The thing is, they have an opportunity – with a marriage they can lead a healthy and good life.”

    These are the words of Shabudin Yahya, a Malaysian Member of Parliament (MP) for the ruling coalition party, when referring to rape victims. The outrage doesn’t stop there, however, since the MP went on to say,

    “For a woman that was raped, if she can marry (her rapist) she would not go through such a bleak future. At least she has someone who can become her husband. So this will be a remedy for social problems.”

    Shocked as I was, I pushed the laptop to my friend and asked her to read what I quoted above. She was reading the article and continued staring at the laptop with her hand on her forehead. When I asked her if she had read it, she sighed, looked away and said,

    “When you think the world is already mad and couldn’t get madder than this, there is always something to prove you wrong.”

    My friend did have a point. For a human being, the trauma of enduring something as horrible as rape is unthinkable. Many and all rape victims experience a varying range of symptoms such as confusion, anxiety and other physical and psychological issues start to stem through. The victim could potentially be experiencing stomach aches, headaches, could be feeling nauseous and may start feeling depressed – which is more than just ‘feeling the blues’, as it leads to clinical depression.

    Due to the nature of the attack, the victim may be prone to feeling pain in the vagina or while urinating frequently. She may experience certain phobias which may become obvious in her frequent movements (such as phobias concerning the environment). She may also be reluctant to be left alone or unable to sleep. Her trauma of rape – the connection of sexuality with violence – may cause her to avoid physical contact and experience anxiety when such contact does take place.

    If a rape victim marries their rapist, can you imagine the horrid lifelong trauma the victim will have to go through if she does marry her perpetrator? The MP claims that with a marriage, the victim can lead a healthy and good life. I said this in a former blog post that rapists never make good husbands. If they never make good husbands, how can the woman live a promising life of happiness and health?

    The MP also goes on to say that if a rape victim marries her rapist, she would not have such a bleak future. The rape and the one who forced her to go through it is the cause of that bleak future. Realistically speaking, the victim’s only chance of not having a bleak future is if she doesn’t marry her attacker.

    The MP also claims that marrying the rapist will be ‘a remedy for social problems’. How? How can marrying a man who put his victim through such adversity solve her social problems? If anything, it is guaranteeing a life full of isolation and social problems. Wouldn’t punishing the perpetrators a more justified and logical solution?

    I once remember writing about a rape victim who took her own life after she was forced to marry her own rapist. This example goes to show what a ‘healthy and good life’ the victim was living after her marriage. In the victim’s country, the law dictates that the perpetrator marries the victim or goes to prison. For a rapist, the former sounds probable than the latter. The victim was no longer a virgin and was considered to be ‘unmarriageable’ and worthless. It is this mentality that is adding to the social problems. Even though we’re living in modern times, people are still living in age-old eras, clinging onto their old, narrow-minded ideologies that have no place in our world today.

    I grew up in Britain. I heard a story about a teenage girl who was sexually abused by a much older man who threatened to hurt her if she told her parents. She completely ignored his threat and informed her parents of what had happened. She and her family contacted the police who took her case very seriously and caught the perpetrator. But that’s Britain, a little island almost at the top of the northern hemisphere. While thousands of miles away, in the far east like Malaysia, the norm is completely different. Nevertheless, Malaysian or British, whatever the religion or culture, a woman is a woman. Her life, dignity, valour and self-respect are no less than a man’s.

    Even though we live in the 21st century, it is saddening to see how little has changed and how much work is still pending. While one half of the world condemns and sentences the rapists to prison and provides support to the victims, the other half of the world has a completely different attitude towards rape, its victims and its perpetrators. People everywhere need to open up their eyes and take a stand when someone says the unthinkable. For a rape victim that last piece of hope is further shattered when she is told to marry the man who ruined her life forever.

    When it comes to rape, religion is nowhere in sight. It stems from culture, narrow-minded, age-old culture that is threatening to destroy the principle of humanity by gaining a foothold in people’s minds and our societies. It is up to us to fight this threat that is trying to alter the way we or others think and the way the society runs. Yes, society does change contrary to people’s beliefs but it will only change if we dare to change it.

    There was a time when society and men dictated that women need not vote. Did women listen? Of course not! We took a stand, we fought for it, got beaten for it, suffered hunger strikes and endured brutal methods of force-feeding, and were estranged from former lives, but in the end, we earned our right to vote like all men do. If we try now and take a stand now, we can change society and the way it runs and make it a better place for future generations to come.

    A woman who I had met during a difficult point in my life once said,

    “The power is in your hands.”

    And she was right. The power is in your hands; the power to change this society and world. And it is time we heed this advice.

    source: The Express Tribune.

    Comment by PS4 — April 9, 2017 @ 11:00 AM | Reply

  2. First, the man rapes the women (or child), then marry her, so he can continue raping her. Then he divorce her. No law is broken except all females can be raped/married/divorced. No wonder there is so much social problem in the community.

    Comment by Ron95 — April 8, 2017 @ 4:56 PM | Reply

  3. No need to threaten, just do it … better still rape it and marry it.

    Comment by tigeryk — April 8, 2017 @ 9:23 AM | Reply

    • Halo, WHY waste bandth & time to promote these RETARDED race…?? Supwer KULUP are KULUP, no other way round lah…

      Comment by tiuniamah — April 8, 2017 @ 12:42 PM | Reply

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