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May 19, 2017

NGOs demand apology from filmmaker David Teo

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A scuffle ensues in front of prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak (centre, left) during a Transformasi Nasional session with the country’s entertainers at the Seri Perdana complex, Putrajaya on May 17, 2017. — Picture by Yusof Mat IsaSeveral Malay groups demanded today that Datuk David Teo apologise, via “live” channels, for his allegedly rude behaviour to the prime minister at a forum even though the film producer was assaulted there.

Calling themselves Gerakan Memartabatkan Pejuang Negara (GMPN), the group members also urged the Communications and Multimedia Ministry to “take action” against the Metrowealth Pictures (MIG) CEO if he refused to heed their demands.

When asked what action they were seeking, GMPN head Major (right) Razali Zakaria said he would leave the matter to the discretion of the authorities concerned.

“The incident happened live, so he must also apologise live. His previous apology on the spot does not cut it. It was mere lip service,” Razali told reporters in a press conference outside Teo’s office here.

“It went live. If not live, I don’t have a problem, he added.

The group gave Teo three days to apologise.

Only about six NGO members claiming to represent several other groups turned up at Teo’s office.

There is also heavy police presence in the area.

Last night at a National Transformation 2050 (TN50) dialogue session between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and local entertainers, actor Sulaiman Yassin slapped Teo while the latter was attempting to ask Najib questions.

Prior to that, Teo allegedly took a jab at the event moderator, actor Datuk Rosyam Nor, for only focusing on artistes sitting at the front rows.

Sulaiman then hurried to Teo from his seat and slapped the latter, prompting a scuffle. The duo were then escorted out of the hall and later made peace in front of Najib.

The New Straits Times reported Sulaiman, better known as Mat Over, as saying that he did not regret his actions, while Teo indicated that he will not pursue the matter further.

The TN50 event yesterday was a round table discussion between the PM and the nation’s leading entertainers to find out their aspirations for the entertainment industry by 2050.

Source :  @ The Malay Mail Online by YISWAREE PALANSAMY




  1. These groups of Malay or “very holy” Muslim NGO are under the payroll of PMO. They were paid to stoke fear, spread lies and create religious and racial tension.

    Comment by Mata Kuching — May 21, 2017 @ 8:53 PM | Reply

    • Qte: very holy” Muslim NGO…Unqte.

      what i know is Tak Malu Bangsa acting as holy assholes, still adopting HINDU ceremony in their wedding…pui

      Comment by tiuniamah — June 2, 2017 @ 8:44 AM | Reply

  2. Can someone slap the NGO and demand an apology?

    Comment by tigeryk — May 21, 2017 @ 9:39 AM | Reply

  3. Next it will be you cannot ask questions on 1MDB as it will an insult to you know who !!

    Comment by Sii Pai Gong — May 19, 2017 @ 5:30 PM | Reply

  4. These same group of Umno Baru thugs and scumbags are jumping on any untoward incidents to create a scene to divert the real attention on 1MDB financial scandals , Bandar Malaysia controversy and Najib fledging supports.

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — May 19, 2017 @ 12:04 PM | Reply

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