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June 5, 2017

Why the opposition can’t lose it’s coherence

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The BN government has established a party state in Malaysia. This is not only contrary to the constitution and social contracts of Malaysia, but anathema to how good governance should be fostered.

In a party state, the interest of the political party is deemed to be similar to that of the state. Yet this is where the logic goes wrong almost from the start. A party, be it Umno, MCA, or MIC, is led by the elites of the different races.

A state, on the other hand, must ensure that justice must prevail at all times and according to proper metrics of the law. How can a party of racial elites lead a country formed of a laity of different class, background and income differentials?

Despite the paradox and contradiction, BN prevails. Umno is still the bulwark at least since 1946. In fact, Umno under Prime Minister Najib Razak has appeared to compromise many institutions of the government.

At times like this, the opposition should and must be united. When rules of engagement are laid down on how to defeat BN, the focus should be on nothing else except the total defeat of BN at the polls. But this appears not to be the case. Even when an opposition symbol is still in prison, and barred from elected office when he is out, the opposition appears bent on nominating him to be the PM. This is defying any semblance of logic, what more intelligence.

Isn’t this akin to shooting oneself in the foot?

More amazingly, some opposition members have refused to yield to the leadership of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, even though he has successfully won five general elections before. Why not use a proven and tested general who by his own admission has repented, and bring the BN house crashing down?

Indeed, wasn’t it Dr Mahathir who said that every ill-gotten gain of Najib’s would be retrieved and extracted even if it is hidden in the holes of earthworms?

In other words, Bersatu and the opposition should be united as one force to force the party state that is BN to release all the money which it has taken from Malaysian people without fail. Barring a cohesive front, the opposition will let loose a vital opportunity to hold the evil doers to account.

Head in the clouds?

Indeed, there used to be a Malay movie in the 1980s entitled ‘Tiada Esok Bagi Mu’. There is no tomorrow for you. If the opposition does not unite, what once appeared as a TV series may well be their fate. As DAP has said, enough is enough. Well, it is time to put an end to the opposition bickering and believe in some serious numbers. The fact is nearly 70 percent of Malaysians are in favor of Dr Mahathir regaining the reins of leadership.

At 92, Mahathir wants to enjoy his time with his grandchildren too. Why not give him a chance to set things right once and for all? If this is what Malaysians already want, it boggles the mind why the opposition is still insisting on their nominee. ‘Lawan tetap lawan’ (keeping up the fight) is right.

But ‘awan tetap awan’ (clouds will be clouds) too. The opposition must be based on numerical reality on the ground. Not some loose and unhinged fantasy like the fleeting monsoon clouds that can rain on the party.

Instead of harping on yielding dividends for the many sacrifices made by many, it is high time the opposition show that their focus is the rakyat, and only the rakyat. Not on individuals or groups of individuals, families or any other. Individualising a struggle rather than institutionalising reform is never a good idea.

History has shown that many times over. Instead of allowing a repeat of history, isn’t it better to chart and design our history with a better tomorrow for the rakyat and the nation in mind? Or are we going to suffer fatigue with the same old, same old politics, which will elbow out enthusiasm on the part of the rakyat to vote for change?

There are many political brokers and mercenaries who rely on this same old, same old politics to survive. It is time to kick these mercenaries out and replace them with new politics of reform and credible change. This can only be done if the coalition has a strong and credible structure and line up to compete with BN.

Otherwise, the reign of BN will continue with a new level of arrogated impunity. So my question to the opposition coalition is: are you really serious in wanting to offer a new deal of reforms, justice, inclusiveness, progressiveness and moderation, to the very fertile ground that is in dire straits and is in hunger for change? Or are you too busy engaging in parochial party politics, accentuating self-importance and relevance at the expense of the rakyat and the nation?

The rakyat are just about tired and fatigued to see the current reality amongst the opposition coalition. Sooner or later, that fatigue will turn into indifference. That indifference will emerge at the polls. By that time, it will be too late. Too late for the opposition coalition, too late for the people and too late for the nation.

Source : Malaysiakini by RAIS HUSSIN
RAIS HUSSIN is Bersatu supreme council member.


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