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July 1, 2017

Baru disappointed with Masing’s statement on Baram Road

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State Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chairman Baru Bian says he is extremely disappointed with the ‘No Dam, No Road’ statement by Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar James Jemut Masing that was reported in The Borneo Post yesterday.

Baru, who is also Ba Kelalan assemblyman, said in a press statement yesterday Masing’s statement contradicted the late Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s statement in May last year reported by Channel News Asia: “The reason (for scrapping the dam) is that I have examined the matter. There’s no need to have another big dam. We can have mini dams and so on, but not a big dam especially when we don’t supply (power) to West Malaysia anymore.”

“Secondly, this statement by Masing displays a warped rationale that should be a concern to all right-thinking

Sarawakians. Why should the people of Baram have to give up their homes and lands in order to have a road? Does this mean that every community that requests a basic amenity such as a school or a clinic from the government must sacrifice something? A government should look after the people’s needs, not engage in bartering and deal making,” Baru said.

He added that Masing’s statement is morally wrong as was his excuse about the “complexity and difficulty to just build expensive roads to cater for a few longhouses only” which is also unacceptable and incorrect. “Why should the people of Baram be discriminated against in the provision of a road, and on top of that be so dismissively treated and told to sacrifice their lands?” he asked.

“The fact of the matter was that an allocation was already made for the road under the 10th Malaysia plan. By diverting the RM700 million approved by the Federal Government, the State Government is effectively punishing the Baram community for protecting their lands.”

Baru said he had brought up the matter twice before that development of an area should not be conditional upon the building of dams or some other sacrifice by the people. At the very least, the people have the right to proper roads so that towns nearby are easily accessible, and they are able to avail themselves of the facilities in the towns.

He added that if the government builds proper roads for rural areas, agricultural and economic activities would become economically rewarding and trade would flourish. In places like Baram, proper road infrastructure would enable tourism to become a game-changer for the people.

“Ministers should not make excuses for the failure of the government and more importantly, they should not engage in blackmailing the rakyat,” he said in the statement.

Source : The Borneo Post Online




  1. James Masing, Michael Manyin and Alfred Jabu are a great shame to the Dayak community. They had enriched themselves beyond the imagination of an ordinary hard working Dayak. They had several thousand hectares of plantation land and awarded several federal infrastructure projects.

    Comment by Simon Abbey — July 3, 2017 @ 2:20 PM | Reply

  2. Umno Baru controlled BN government had for ages been using carrot and stick and blackmailing the ordinary simple minded poor and uninformed rural folks to get elected to retain their power base. Kemas and government appointed village chiefs and Ketua kampung were brainwashed and bribed to ensure the rural voters remain fixed deposit of Umno Baru controlled BN. Dayaks and rural Malays and Melanaus must arise to demand for long overdue development and basic amenities.

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — July 1, 2017 @ 4:48 PM | Reply

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