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July 5, 2017

If Sarawak can have education ministry, so can we, says Warisan

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junz-wongParti Warisan Sabah vice-president Junz Wong has lambasted Deputy Education Minister II Chong Sin Woon for saying the party was trying to take Sabahans for a ride by promising to create the state’s own education ministry if it comes to power.

Chong was reported as saying that Warisan’s promise was a lie because education comes under the purview of the federal government.

Wong, who is also Likas assemblyman, urged Chong to stop insulting Sabahans.

He said although Sabah is a small state, it, along with neighbouring Sarawak, is actually equal to Malaya.

He pointed out to Chong that Sarawak had its own education ministry.

“If he needs help understanding all this, I welcome him to look for me and I can teach him how to run his ministry.”

Wong said Chong had been caught making empty promises such as getting recognition for the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), awarded by Chinese secondary schools.

Wong also clarified that the Warisan-proposed Sabah education ministry was not meant to supersede the federal government’s policy of controlling education in the state.

He specifically mentioned several educational items to be placed under the state’s purview if Warisan wins the election:

1. Set up vocational schools to enhance Sabahans as skilled workers for various sectors and teachers’ institutes to continue training local teachers with the aim of replacing all teachers from the peninsula gradually.

2. Set up a Sabah university to prioritise and give scholarships to Sabah students. UEC students to be given the same opportunity as Sabahans with other qualifications.

3. Recognise the UEC in Sabah.

4. Provide systematic allocations for all religious schools.

5. Improve the quality of education in Sabah by giving free tuition to rural children, teaching ibunda (native) languages and introducing Sabah’s own history books.

6. Assist Sabah teachers with their needs and welfare. Take care of repairs and maintenance of poor rural schools as now federal ministry approval is needed to repair wooden floors.

8. Have the power to make decisions on Sabah education at many levels.

9. Set up an education hub to enhance the competitiveness of Sabah educationists.

“With its own ministry, Sabah education will be much more efficient, as announced by fellow Warisan vice-president Peter Anthony.

“The rest of the items for change will be unveiled together with the Warisan manifesto,” Wong said.

Source : FMT Online


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  1. Know your rights, Sabah.

    Comment by Hattan — July 5, 2017 @ 1:52 PM | Reply

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