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July 18, 2017

Rep worries schools may not work with opposition on English programme

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Image result for Bukit Assek assemblywoman Irene ChangBukit Assek assemblywoman Irene Chang calls on the state government to issue directives to schools on its programme requiring the elected representatives to work with them on improving the command of the English language among teachers and students.

In a press statement, Chang said she was willing to work on the programme and she already had a few schools in mind.

“But from my discussion with them (schools), a few are skeptical of having the blessings of the state government to work with the opposition elected representatives. They said they have not received any written directive on this.”

She said these schools were worried they would be taken to task for working with the opposition.

“So, I urge the ministry to issue written directive to the schools, especially those in the opposition-held constituencies, to allay the fear of working with opposition members.

“We cannot blame the schools for this fear as it has been ingrained in them that since they are civil servants, they ought only to work with the government and would get into trouble if they work with the opposition members.”

Including all opposition members in this programme is a step forward in resolving together the problems faced by the people, Chang added.

“This is positive for the future of our state. So, it is imperative that the state ministry gives the directive to the schools to encourage them to discard the age-old mentality of only working with government legislators to resolve problems faced by the schools.”

She cited a report published a fortnight ago that the ministry would issue another letter to all elected representatives and would address the issues raised by them on this programme.

“We are still waiting for the letter. But from what was reported in the newspapers, it is said that no funds would be allocated to the adopted schools for the programme.”

Chang said the government should reconsider this as some funds might be needed to host various activities to encourage students to speak English outside the classroom.

She said incentives had to be given to students and teachers to be committed to this cause.

“The funds need not be much, as schools should be innovative and creative in coming up with ways to engage students in the programme. But there would be times when funds might be needed and during those

times, the government should provide for these activities.

“For me personally, funds or no funds, I shall make sure my adopted school shall benefit from the programme.”

Source : The Borneo Post Online


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