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July 25, 2017

When delusional politicos speak in the real world

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When delusional politicos speak in the real worldREALLY?

Does Reezal Merican really expect Malaysians to believe that the Najib administration will revoke the citizenship of Low Taek Jho if it is proven that the prime minister’s best pal is also a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis?

Under Malaysian law, it is an offence for a citizen to have dual citizenship.

It is an open secret that Low became a citizen of the Caribbean island under some kind of express arrangement. Despite all its pretence, Putrajaya is aware of this fact.

But Reezal has to play his part in the giant government charade, so he said: “There is no preferential treatment for anybody. Anyone with dual citizenship will have to face action,”

The deputy foreign minister’s stock answer yesterday was nothing more than a stalling tactic. Individuals, groups and governments often resort to stock answers like “the matter is under review”, ” we take a serious view of this issue”, “the full force of the law will be used” when they have been put in an uncomfortable position and are trying to buy some time.

Here’s a message to Reezal and other members of the Najib administration still operating under the notion that Malaysians are a gullible lot.

We are not.

We know that Jho Low and Najib Razak are bosom buddies.

We know that the Penang-born businessman is untouchable as long as Najib remains in Sri Perdana.

We know that any move by Umno or the government to revoke Jho Low’s citizenship will be a catastrophe for Najib and his family, given how much the businessman knows about the trail of 1MDB funds.

There is a better chance of Reezal  winning the 100m sprint at the coming Sea Games than Jho Low’s citizenship being revoked on grounds of his holding dual citizenship.

After all these years, Reezal and his Umno ilk still don’t get it: Jho Low and Najib are joined at the hip.

Source : The Malaysian Insight



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