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September 13, 2017

Baru: Malaysia Day has always been celebrated in Ba Kelalan

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Malaysians in Ba Kelalan have been celebrating Malaysia Day annually since 2012 and this year, they are holding the festivities at Long Sukang, said Ba Kelalan assemblyman Baru Bian.

He recalled that when he was a schoolboy, Sept 16 was celebrated on a large scale in Ba Kelalan but for some reason it was called ‘Hari Ibu Bapa’.

“I remember in 1967-1969, many people came from Sabah and Indonesia to join us and take part in the activities. This was a reciprocal event with Long Bawan in Indonesia. The people of Ba Kelalan would cross over to Long Bawan on Aug 17 each year to join in their ‘Hari Augustus’ (which is their Merdeka Day), and on Sept 16, the people of Long Bawan would trek over to Ba Kelalan to join in our merrymaking.

“Our fellow Lun Bawangs from Long Pa Sia in Sabah would do the same. I remember it used to take one or one and a half day to walk between Long Pa Sia and Long Semadoh, but in those days, the people just took it in their stride.

“When we reinstated the Sept 16 celebrations in 2012, the people of Long Pa Sia came with a strong team, and they won the cross-country race from Lg Semadoh to Puneng Trusan, and back, carrying pineapples which they collected from Puneng Trusan,” Baru said in a press statement yesterday.

This year, he said, villagers from Long Pa Sia and six villages in Indonesia would be converging on Long Sukang from Sept 14 to 17.

According to Baru, activities planned include football, volleyball, sepak takraw, cultural events including bamboo band performances, choir competitions and a parade.

“The games will start on Sept 14, opening ceremony on Sept 15 and the celebrations will end on Sept 17 with a Sunday church service to pray for Malaysia.

“This Sept 16 celebration in Ba Kelalan is significant for us, as to my knowledge no other constituency in Malaysia organises and carries out the Malaysia Day celebrations on their own initiative.”

On behalf of the people of Ba Kelalan, Baru invites anyone who is interested in participating in the celebrations to join them in Long Sukang this year, which is a non-political event and all are welcome. For information on the programme and accommodation, contact Aris Semayung (014-285 5979) or Gituen Labung (011-1548 3935).

Source : The Borneo Post Online



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