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October 11, 2017

Chief Justice: Judicial reforms successful thus far, but far from over

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Chief Justice Tun Md Raus Sharif said he would continue to push for judicial reforms, particularly the disposing of backlogged court cases. ― Malay Mail picThe judicial reforms instituted in 2009 under the stewardship of ex-Chief Justice Tun Zaki Mohamed Azmi has borne fruit, Chief Justice Tun Md Raus Sharif said today pointing at a more systematic management of the courts now.However, Raus said that the job is not yet done and he would continue to push and oversee further improvements, particularly the disposing of backlogged court cases.

“No doubt we have made good progress thus far. But reform is a continuous process. In short term, our immediate concern is the disposal of old cases which are one-year-old or more,” he said.

Raus said that at present, 96 per cent of court cases are being disposed within a nine-month period, labelling the achievement as a milestone in the country’s judicial history and even outdoing Singapore, which imposes an 18-month period.

The success, Raus said, had also received accolades from the World Bank in its 2011 report, in which the organisation recommended that the judiciaries of other nations to follow the Malaysian model.

“However, despite our success in disposing the cases within the deadline, there are still pre-2016 cases pending in our courts at all level. Comparatively, the number is small, but these are the cases that give us a bad name,” Raus said in his speech at a special luncheon with media practitioners here.

Raus said that there are still 182 civil and criminal cases in the Magistrates’ Courts, 854 civil and criminal cases in the Sessions Courts, 1,868 civil and criminal cases in the High Courts, and 55 pending cases in the Appeals Court.

“Since taking over, I have been monitoring these cases. The judges and the managing judges had given me assurance that most of these cases will be disposed of by the end of this year,” Raus said, adding that there were “various reasons” as to why the cases were still pending, and he and his team would seek solutions to it.

Raus said that there is also a constant need for assessment as to what leads to such backlogs and a methodology to overcome the problem.

“The judiciary will only serve the public well by providing access to justice and the timely resolution of disputes.

“Justice must not only be done, but also seen to be done,” Raus added.

He also sought the media fraternity to help change the public’s negative perception of the judiciary, and to educate the masses about the active reform efforts still being carried out.

Source : The Malay MAil online by YISWAREE PALANSAMY



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  1. If the reforms have been successful you would not have been reapponinted as CJ and your conscience would not permit you to accept the extension of your term. The Judiciary is also as corrupted as Najib’s administration and government.

    Comment by Sabri Yaman — October 11, 2017 @ 12:57 PM | Reply

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