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November 10, 2017

Woman with last digit in her IC indicating she’s male seeks help from PKR

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National PKR Women vice president Voon Shiak Ni said she came across a peculiar identity card of a woman which bears an odd number at the last four digits of her MyKad serial number.

The last digit normally indicates if a person is a man or a woman, in that men would carry an odd number on the last digit of their serial numbers while women, even number.

Voon said: “We were given a case this morning where the holder of the card is a female but the last digit of the card number is odd which indicates she is a male.”

“She (the complainant) told us that she had appealed four times to JPN (National Registration Department) over the past 15

years but till today she still cannot get the last digit rectified to indicate that she is a female,” Voon added.

“She came to our service centre this morning because her visa application was rejected by the Australian embassy with this note which reads as such ‘Error: Invalid National Number Format’. She then went to JPN again and JPN Sarawak extracted the ‘Cabutan Daftar Kad Pengenalan’ to support her verification of her identity.

“She related that all these years, she was queried by the authorities on occasions when she needed to present her IC (MyKad) for verification.”

Voon claimed that JPN was aware of the case but indicated they could not rectify the matter or issue her a new serial number with an even number as the last digit.

This case is not a one-off case where the last digit of the IC does not accurately reflect the sex of the card holder, Voon claimed.

Thus, she urged JPN to look into this issue and to have a mechanism to rectify such mistakes.

“JPN needs to note too that a mistake in IC cannot be left uncorrected as it is a big problem for the affected card holder to cope with the hassles and setbacks in efforts related to verification of one’s identity,” Voon stressed.

She pointed out that it is ridiculous too, to let people move around without accurate details on their personal identification documents and yet the said documents were supposedly endorsed by the government.

The Malaysian identity card (MyKad) is the most important document for every Malaysian as proof and verification of citizenship for the application for all other related personal and official documents, like passport, visa, driving licence, marriage certificate, birth certificate, job application and verification for interviews and examinations.

“Because of the importance of this card to the livelihood of every Malaysian, it should be the strict responsibility of JPN to make sure that each and every detail on the card issued to the people is accurate and correct, and any flaws or errors made on the card must be corrected and rectified without any delay,” she stressed.

“We are given to understand that JPN cannot rectify mistakes made on the last digit on the card which indicates our gender and this is unacceptable,” she claimed.

Source : The Borneo Post Online



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