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February 13, 2018

‘Imperfect’ Pakatan is best bet to save Malaysia

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Image result for sunscreen lotionThis is not a commercial advertisement for sunscreen lotion but it is about my thoughts leading up to the 14th General Elections.

True story. My daughter came home from school looking so tanned. I asked if she had played under the sun. She told me the fire alarm went off (supposedly a fire drill) and they had to gather in the school field under the hot sun. I asked again “Why didn’t you use the sunscreen lotion I bought for you inside your school bag?!?”

My daughter, clearly frustrated with my logic exclaimed “It’s a fire mommy!!! How can I find time to put my lotion?!”.

I couldn’t get her sentence out of my mind. Some Malaysians express their disgust at the “far from perfect” opposition coalition’s choice or strategy to win the coming elections. “How can you propose a 90yo man to be Prime Minister again? Don’t you have anyone apart from Lim Kit Siang leading the DAP? Rafizi shouldn’t say this, Wan Azizah shouldn’t say that. How different is Bersatu? Amanah should not demand for so many seats and the list goes on and on…”.

When your nation faces a threat as fierce as a fire, we do not have the luxury of time to orchestrate an ideal scenario for escape. Economy is tough. Our RM100 today is like our RM50 of yesterday. Our RM50 today is like RM10. And our RM10 is now like RM1. Eating out is expensive. Cooking at home is not cheap either. Schools have become political tools for BN. Teachers are held to ransom for their votes. They are not free to educate what is right. Quality of education drops. Bullies. Drug addicts. Children are abused, sexually and physically. The entire vicious cycle goes on repeat. How do you reset a nation without securing federal power?

Some young people claim they have time so let’s spoil votes this round and punish the opposition for their failures. A lot is at stake this GE. For Barisan Nasional and for the rest of us Malaysians. No one will willingly surrender power without giving it a good fight. How far will UMNO go to give it a good fight? Najib once said “to win at all costs”. Scary.

The political scene remains an unlevel playing field. Look at the redelineation exercise by Elections Commission. Look at the excessive imprisonment sentence given to Rafizi Ramli.

I am not asking for sympathy votes or for you to go out and vote blindly. I am all for political reforms. We have implemented a lot of legislative reforms in Selangor. Didn’t take the votes for granted. Neither did we assume a perpetual rule. Raced against time to get things changed. Perhaps when you vote this round, imagine a little the scenario for others and go beyond the four walls of your world. How will your vote change the lives of others who cannot afford what you have? Don’t boycott the elections. Don’t spoil your vote.

In 2008, it was a call for stronger opposition. Despite having a stronger opposition, BN can still cook up a scandal as big as 1MDB. 2018 must see the dismantling of federal power for BN. A stronger opposition is no longer enough to un-do a nation “on fire”.

Pakatan Harapan has assembled the best team we can find given the present circumstances. Far from perfect I know and I too wish we can apply some “sunscreen lotion” on them to “guarantee” they will never betray us when the heat comes. But if you sit around and wait too long for the perfect escape to come, the house will be in ruins. Come out strong to vote. Let’s take more states and let’s give one more try at Putrajaya. Let’s go!

Source :  by YB Hannah Yeoh




  1. Gong Shee Fatt Cai YB Hannah Yeoh….i, & a group of my friends of thousands, including taxi drivers, were Strong supporters for Oppositions for decades, but NOT in coming GE-14. Reason being: we have NEVER,& DON’T TRUST that kit-lin, who openly calling his own race as kit-lin in National TV. the nons, especially the Cina Babis are facing tremendous unfair treatment while this kit-lin was pee eeem for 22-year. Do you think he is repenting…? L. J. lah he is repenting. Lately what did he mentioned about the Forest City…? who built up Forest City..? again by Cina Babis, he said some thing like: Forest City should be for Baboons, Monkeys, etc animals to stay. If FC is being developed by the tak malu race, would he said this way..? with his tenure as pee eeem, as capacity of Head of country, he mentioned many a times that Malaysia is the ONLY country in the WORLD, allowed teaching of Bahasa Cina Babis, what is CONSTITUTION means to him…? CONSTITUTION MEANS TO HIM IS JUST LIKE L. J. KAH…? Please ask him, since he set up Proton to feed the lazy tak malu race, how many Cina Babis are been employed in Proton, & for how long were these Cina Babis been working in Proton ? How many nons are in GLC, MAS..? he is taking FOOL advantage of Cina Babis, whom mostly trust lim dynasty, to take revenge on current PM,as usual case in Pak Lah, who revoked his crook bridge to replace Causeway—-TURUN, NOT due to Meritocracy but otang favour to late Tun Razak, he sokong the current PM, but current PM is wise & had settled the Railway disputes with sunny island– An island with mostly Cina Babis whom he HATES the MOST–from TOP to Bottom, right inside his DNA, now is time for current PM to: TURUN….. remember: his deputy youth chief, right under his nose, another kit-lin, was standing in the front Pillar of Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, shouting to burn down that Hall..! in order to increase quantities of graduates in that tak malu race, who permits to lower the Uni entrance exam..? it is Kulification, NOT Qualifications that merits the scholarship. now this kit-lin is acting as angel to save Malaysia kah..? LOL….LOL…LOL…if, as i alway had said, if Cina Babis are so Fxxking STUPID TO SUPPORT OPPOSITION, THEN THESE CINA BABIS ARE DIGGING their OWN graves. What is Project M in Sabah..? WHO brought in by hundred of thousands of pinoy muslims to Sabah to neutralise the ethnic group of Christians to side-line the local..? what did he said about Lahad Duta when our Police Force were gunned down by pinoy muslim seperatists..? its tooo long my anguish to this kit-lin for his unfair treatment to especially to the Cina Babis. he even suggested let southern Thai to be autonomy, which race/religion is creating troubles in that region..? he even suggested some thing about Tiongkok on its currency, maybe he thinks Tiongkok is a place SMALLER than state of Kedah. Old Cina Babis saying: Dynasty senang di tukar, Character of a person tak akan tukar,in the old days unemployment were high, when he opened his clinic he employed a Cina Babi as his chauffer, just to fill up part of his Anti Cina Babis DNA/ sentiments,for self comfort & satisfaction.When he was education minister, how he treat those Chinese educationists who had long long waiting apointment with him for discussion..? in his office’s kaki lima, hand me what ever you want to BEG, let me consider it, you all go back & wait for my news, is there any improvement in Cina Babis education policy..? Cina Babis are EXEMPTED from paying Income Tax kah..? again Old Cina Babi saying: ji kalau ada $$$$, hantu pun akan kerja for you, so as Ah Beng dynasty pun human being lah….

    Comment by tiuniamah — February 24, 2018 @ 5:55 PM | Reply

  2. All those scumbags and idiots including PAC chief and the AG should be charged for telling lies and propagating fake news that Najib , Jho Low and former officials in charged of 1MDB were not involved in stealing billions of dollars from 1MDB.

    Comment by Awaken Dayak — February 18, 2018 @ 5:04 PM | Reply

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