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March 28, 2018

State PKR seeks clarification from EC on electoral roll

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Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak is seeking clarification from the Election Commission (EC) regarding the status of voters who are above 95 years-old whose names still exist in the electoral roll.

Its deputy youth chief Jeffery Mok Hui Chung said if they are no longer alive their names should be struck out from the electoral role immediately to ensure a clean and fair election.

He said he went with a few PKR members to the EC office here last week to get a copy of the latest fourth quarter 2017 electoral role for Miri parliamentary seat.

To their surprise, he said they found out that the electoral role contained names of 146 persons aged 95 years and above and 113 persons aged 100 years and above.

“The oldest voter we can find in Miri parliamentary seat is 116 years-old and the question here is, what are the status of all these voters (are they still alive).

“We are not challenging the eligibility of all these voters but we urge the EC to do a proper and prudent screening of the voters list before the next general election to ensure that the electoral process is clean,” he told a press conference at PKR Stampin office here yesterday.

Mok said this screening process should have been done long before.

He believed that if this matter is left unattended, there would be a high chance that the names of these voters will be included in the electoral role for the coming general election and might be used by some irresponsible persons “for reasons best known to themselves”.

“We do acknowledge that some of our senior citizens can live long but the number of them living to over a hundred years with one as old as 116 years old is too hard to believe,” he said.

Mok said based on the latest electoral roll, Miri parliamentary constituency has 44,549 Chinese voters (55.32 per cent), 22,828 Bumiputera Dayak/Orang Ulu voters (28.35 per cent), 12,304 Malay voters (15.28 per cent), 353 Bumi Sabah voters (0.44 per cent), 255 Orang Asli voters (0.32 per cent) and 235 Indian voters (0.29 per cent).

Source : The Borneo Post Online



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