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April 27, 2018

Selangau voters will rise above racial, communal politics – Baru

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Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for Selangau Baru Bian believes that Selangau voters will rise above racial or communal politics this time around in the upcoming parliamentary election.

In a statement, he said more importantly, Selangau voters should take this opportunity to prove Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing wrong that an Orang Ulu could not succeed in an Iban majority seat.

“Whether I will be accepted or not in Selangau is for the voters to decide and not James Masing,” he said.

Masing, in reacting to Baru’s decision to contest Selangau recently, scoffed at the latter’s chance in wresting Selangau from PRS, questioning his chance of success in an Iban majority seat when Baru himself failed to make it when contesting in a constituency where his own people (Lun Bawang) form a sizeable portion of the voters during the last parliamentary election (GE13).

In response, Baru said: “I stood in Limbang in GE13 not among ‘my people’ (if Masing) meant the Lun Bawangs but a mixed area of Malays, Kedayans, Ibans, Chinese and only few hundreds Lun Bawangs.

“That’s the past. This is GE14 with new social economic issues and new political consciousness. I hope we move beyond racial and communal politics and look at credible, professional and courageous candidate that will speak for the Rakyat. Not a mute YB that has to toe the party’s line.”

Baru said since he was just obliging a request from the people in Selangau for him to stand there, he would then leave it to the voters to decide whether be would be accepted in Selangau.

“Nevertheless, I thank James Masing for his openness in welcoming me to contest in Selangau. Of course this is a democratic country one can stand and contest in any constituency he wants to.”

A multi-cornered contest may happen in Selangau seat in this coming parliamentary election, with its incumbent three-term MP Datuk Joseph Entulu who was not renominated and sacked from the party, is speculated to contest as an independent candidate this time around.

Barisan Nasional (BN) has placed its trust in a new candidate from PRS, Rita Insol, a lawyer, to defend the seat.

Source : The Borneo Post Online




  1. Ordinary folks who stole less than one thousand ringgit were prosecuted timely, but our big boss mo1 who stole by the billions is still a free man, rule of law I guess. And it happened only in this Bolehland.

    Comment by Majidi — May 27, 2018 @ 6:52 PM | Reply

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      29/May/2018 at 6:40:56pm
      What’s happened to that absolute “charmer”, Rosmah, just out of curiousity?

      29/May/2018 at 6:35:10pm
      Actually I’m heartfelt sad to note that Najib was taken for a costly ride by his “stupid advisers” where sooner or later may earn a cell for him in the Sg Buloh prison. I really pity the way his ex-ministers were defending him in speeches openly & even TV tiga suku also claimed him to be the best mof, if I’m not mistaken. At the eleventh hour “Yul Bryner” Arul Kanda was on a 1MDB roadshow to “add salt to innury”. Everything including the people transformed into a Malaysian tsunami to wipe UMNO/BN after 61 yrs of rule. INVOKE was the only one that predicted the GE14 correctly. Everyone whom you believed &-trusted had cheated you & enriched themselves Najib. Now they have all left you alone & “sudah cabut”.

      Comment by Hattan — May 29, 2018 @ 7:11 PM | Reply

  2. Once the police are done with their seizure, photos of the stolen monies and bank counts and jewellery and bags and many apartments should be made available to the ignorant people of Pekan. Of course they love their native son, but someone should ask them whether they love their native son who was Prime Minister enough to condone his stealing and plundering together with his wife and kids. If the people of Pekan are made fully aware of the truth and think their native son is squeaky clean as he says he is, then they are truly stupid. And Najib in the meanwhile is living in an alternate reality by giving these lying speeches.

    Comment by Virgil — May 20, 2018 @ 7:38 PM | Reply

  3. Why no update after GE14?

    Comment by Nina — May 19, 2018 @ 5:56 PM | Reply

  4. Vote for PH and kick out AJ (Anjing Jahanan)

    Comment by tigerykarother — May 5, 2018 @ 6:26 PM | Reply

  5. A government of the people will always take care of its citizens, unlike that kleptocratic liar who secretly had 2.6B and chose to remain quiet until he was found out. If that happened in South Korea, government institutions would have charged him in court.

    Comment by limpehkong — May 4, 2018 @ 5:24 PM | Reply

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